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photo: jinfeng li

Jinfeng Li

Email: jl767

Jinfeng completed an MPhil in Nuclear Engineering, and then joined the P&S Group in 2014 as a PhD student, having been granted a Cambridge Trust Scholarship. His current research centres upon GHz/THz low loss tunable dielectrics (preferred liquid crystal materials) for efficient wavefront phase control and wave beam steering applied to phased-array antennas for car radar/satellite applications.

Prior to joining Cambridge, he graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, majoring in power electronics (2009-2013). He won the IET award sponsored by TRW Automotive in recognition for his work on multi-level multi-cell inverters applied to motor drives of hybrid electric vehicles ( He was the recipient of Arthur Jarvis Prize for the Best Final-Year Project at the University of Birmingham (2013).

Jinfeng is also a concert pianist in Wolfson and Hughes Hall (

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