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photo: Ali Özgür Yontem

Dr. Ali Ozgur Yontem

email: aoy20

Ozgur received BS (2006) in the Dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Bilkent University in Turkey and then completed his PhD (2012). His PhD study covers holography and integral imaging based 3D multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays, wave optics and diffractive optics, and digital lenses. During his PhD, he participated in two EU framework program projects (3DTV and Real3D) as a Research Assistant and took role in many courses in the department as a Teaching Assistant.

He joined as a Research Associate in the Photonics & Sensors group in CAPE, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of Cambridge (2014).

His main research areas including the current focus are:

  • Signal processing and image processing
  • Optics and optical signal processing
  • Wave optics and diffractive optics
  • Holography, integral imaging, and 3D displays
  • Projection displays
  • Light field imaging
  • Imaging optics and image acquisition
  • Auto-stereoscopic 3D displays
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