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28th July 2016

A 3D display that exploits the orbital angular momentum (OAM) of "twisted" light has been proposed. A nine-by-nine pixel display demonstrates a new and powerful technique for organizing and transmitting the massive amounts of data required for displaying 3D images and eventually video.

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27th July 2016

Please find the link (LC Today: Industry & Applications News) which mentioned research on SmA smart windows.

14th June 2016

A smart material that switches back and forth between transparent and opaque could be installed in buildings or autobobiles, potentially reducing energy bills by avoulding the need for costly air conditioning. - Please click here to read more.

4th March 2016

PhD student Pawan Shrestha has been awarded a prestigious Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Postgraduate Scholarship. - Please click here to read more.

17th February 2016

Check out our vacancy for an EPSRC iCASE PhD studentship in the Photonics & Sensors Group.

For more information and how to apply, please follow this link:

21st December 2015

On December 21, 2015, Photonics & Sensors Group held its annual Dinner at Queen's College, Cambridge.        

26th November 2015

Researchers have develped a new type of head-up display which has been incorporated into Jaguar Land Rover vehicles as the first to incorpoate holographic techniques. It uses laser holographic techniques to project information for vehicles, such as speed, direction and navigation onto the widescreen so that the driver doesn't have to take their eyes off the road.

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20th November 2015

PhD candidate Massimiliano Lehnus talks about how his college's Roger Needham Studentship has supported him to concentrate on his research. Please click here to watch the video.                

17th August 2015

On August 17, 2015, Photonics & Sensors Group held its summer party at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.        

11th February 2015

Massimiliano Lehnus has recently been selected (300 applications for 27 places) by the Cambridge Admissions Office to become a Postgraduate Mentor.                

As part of his duties, he will help support the University's central access and outreach events by providing taster lectures, by leading seminars and discussion groups, and by running mock supervisions. He will inspire students across the UK to consider university study, Cambridge, as well as new subjects and ideas.

12th January 2015

Massimiliano Lehnus has been featured in two publications by Wolfson College, Cambridge.                

  • 'Wolfson Stories' brochure (2015)
  • Wolfson Review (2014)

  • 21th July 2014

    On July 21, 2014, Photonics & Sensors Group held its summer party at Darwin College, Cambridge.        

    17th January 2014

    On January 17, 2014, Photonics & Sensors Group held its annual Dinner at Selwyn College, Cambridge.        

    30th January 2013

    On 29th January, 2013, Mrs Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, visited the P&S Group in the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. Prof. Daping Chu, the head of the Group, highlighted the on-going research to the Commissioner.

    8th January 2013

    An historic collaboration has been announced between the Department of Engineering and leading global ICT company Huawei.

    Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, has signed its first collaboration agreement with the University of Cambridge. Two projects are involved, both with Professor Daping Chu of the Department's Photonics & Sensors Group, and the second one jointly with Professor Neil Dodgson of the University's Computer Lab. The total funding is over 1m pounds and has been made available through the Huawei Innovation Research Program, which has been operating in the EU since 2010.

    Please click here to read the full press release.

    4th December 2012

    On December 3, 2012, Photonics & Sensors Group held its annual Christmas Dinner at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

    6th November 2012

    The LCOS-based optical switch developed in the P & S Group is featured in the British Pavillion in the 9th Optical Valley of China International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum (OVC EXPO), held in Wuhan China from 2nd to 5th November, 2012.

    OVC EXPO is one of the biggest optoelectronics events in China, attracting more than 3000 well-known optical enterprises, 20 consortiums and over 150,000 professional visitors. P & S Group is very proud to showcase its latest research progress in this event.

    18th October 2012

    A recent corporate video by Dow Corning features a demonstration based on Smectic-A liquid crystal technology developed in the Photonics & Sensors Group.

    Please click here to watch the video.

    18th April 2012

    Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE), where Prof. Daping Chu serves as Chairman, is highlighted as the top story in the Annual Report 2011, University of Cambridge.

    Please click here for the CAPE story in the University Annual Report.

    13th December 2011

    On December 12, 2011, Photonics & Sensors Group held its annual Christmas Dinner at King's College, Cambridge.     

    3rd October 2011

    Dr Brian Robertson is asked a question about mirrors by Emma Stoye from The Naked Scientists. This is a Cambridge based radio program and podcast station whose aim is to get people to enjoy science as much as they do and, at the same time, to have fun. The problem was posed by one of the programs listeners, and will be included as part of a special edition on cameras in November.

    September 2011

    A micro fluxgate current probe designed by Dr Paul Robertson in conjunction with Aim-TTi is on the market now. The new feature is the size of the fluxgate magnetometer. It has sub-millimetre geometries with an excitation frequency of several tens of MHz resulting in a sensor with a bandwidth of 5MHz combined with low noise and wide dynamic range. As a result the probe can be used to measure currents from 20A down to 10mA peak-to-peak at frequencies from DC up to 5MHz. One of its most interesting applications is the observation of currents flowing within ground planes. Whereas quantitative measurements are not possible (because the current density can not be inferred) it is easy to see whether and where circulating currents are flowing and to find their injection points. More information could be found here.

    Credit: Aim-TTi

    23rd July 2011

    On July 23, Photonics & Sensors Group held a party at Eagle Pub Cambridge for Dr. Tony Davey, who was retired this month.     

    July 2011

    Prof. Daping Chu is interviewed by COSMOS magazine on the topic of high performance inkjet printing techniques. In the interview, Prof. Chu gives his comments on a recently-developed inkjet-printing process that involves combining two solutions on top of a substrate to achieve semiconducting thin films that have exceptionally high and uniform crystallinity.

    COSMOS is a popular science magazine with a global following. It's Australia's #1 science media brand, reaching 400,000 people every month via a print magazine, a daily online news website and a weekly e-newsletter. The article could be found here.

    Credit: Veer Images

    16th December 2010

    On December 15th, 2010, Photonics & Sensors Group held its annual Christmas Dinner at Homerton College, Cambridge.     

    29th October 2010

    Release of HoloLab — free software for calculating computer generated holograms for video and static images.

    September 2010

    First test flight of a manned electric-petrol hybrid aircraft at Sywell Aerodrome, UK with the propulsion system designed and built by Dr Paul Robertson. The system comprises a custom-wound brushless DC outrunner motor in parallel with a 4-stroke internal combustion engine, replacing the standard 2-stroke engine. The experimental aircraft will be used as a test-bed to evaluate and refine the hybrid technolgy - including the use of alternative fuels. Technical details... YouTube movie...

    21st June 2010

    Ratan Tata, Chairman of the Tata Group, visits Centre for Advanced Photnics and Electronics (CAPE) today. Prof. Daping Chu introduces the undergoing projects in CAPE to Mr. Tata.

    8th February 2010

    Dr Daping Chu has become the new Head of the Photonics & Sensors Group. He takes over the reins from Emeritus Professor Bill Crossland whose unparalleled breadth of interests and matching enthusiasm and stamina in research and development have shaped and guided the Group since 1992. Dr Daping Chu has stepped smoothly into the complex weave of the Group's activities and under his leadership we look forward to facing the interesting challenges of our research adventures ahead. The Departmental announcement of his appointment to Head of the Group can be found here.

    November 2009

    Our work on holographic projection from our ViHPS project in collaboration with ALPS Electric through the CAPE partnership has been highlighted in the cover story of New Electronics in the 24 November 2009 issue.

    Click here to see the full article.

    11th November 2009

    On November 11, Photonics & Sensors Group held a party at Wolfson College for Professor Bill Crossland, who was retired this month.     

    5th August 2009

    On August 5, Photonics & Sensors Group held a party at Three Horse Shoes at Madingley for Dr. John Moore, who was retired this month.     

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