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Research Areas


Photonics is an active and growing area of research within the Engineering Department, with three groups investigating different aspects of photonics, applications and materials whilst collaborating with each other and a variety of industrial partners. Detailed descriptions of the activities of each group can be found via the links below.

CMMPE combines research scientists from a number of different disciplines including organic chemistry, physics, and engineering. This enables fundamental research to be carried out in the design and synthesis of organic materials for the next generation of photonic and electronic applications.

The Centre for Photonic Systems is led by Prof. Ian White and assisted by Prof. Richard Penty. The aim of the group is to study components and sub-systems for a range of applications, primarily in communications and sensing. The work of the group is in the three main areas of data-communications and RF systems, optical networks and ultrafast photonics.

The Photonics and Sensors Group has research focus embracing photonic and sensing devices, functional materials and their integration at system level. We aim to address future societal needs with new system functionalities through invention of novel device architectures based on in-depth understanding of basic material properties.