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Adrian Wonfor
Tel: 01223 748355 Fax: 01223 748342
Electrical Engineering Division, CAPE Building, 9 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0FA

Adrian Wonfor is a Senior Research Associate in the Centre for Photonic Systems group in the Engineering department of the University of Cambridge having joined in October 2001.

Adrian holds the extra responsibilities of running the group's computer network and he is the local officer responsible for safety.


Adrian investigated high speed modulation, jitter performance of diode lasers and the switching performance of optical amplifiers at the University of Bath for his postgraduate study. As a research associate at the University of Bristol, his research interests included jitter in short pulse sources, high speed OTDM transmission, and microwave photonics. He has recently worked on optical wavelength conversion, regeneration and switching using semiconductor optical amplifiers and has in particular investigated control systems for SOAs

His current research interests include quantum dot lasers, optical switching, optical regeneration and control of semiconductor optical amplifiers.

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