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Nanoscale Science Laboratory at Department of Engineering has now expanded and moved to a new building (Nanoscience Centre) on the University's West Cambridge Site.

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NanoImage Gallery:

STM image of FeSi2 showing the heavily stepped nature of the surface. The smallest step corresponds to 1 atomic layer

STM image of single molecule of a bi-porphyrin.

Combined STM (topography) and photon emission (colour) image of a mixture of gold particles and SiC particles showing that the gold particles emit light whilst the carbide particles do not.

Perspective STM image of a Titanium Silicide crystal showing the atomic structure of the faces.

Scanning Electron Microscope writing on PMMA plastic of a passage from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Each letter is 250nm tall. If one letter is considered to be equivalent to 8 bits then the storage density achieved here is around 1000 Gbit in-2. Or you would be able to write the whole Oxford poetry dictionary on the area of one letter on this page.

Photon Map.

STM image and photon map from SiC particles embedded in a Si (111) 7x7 surface. Light emission at step edges and in the 7x7 terraces is observed whereas the SiC does not emit.
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Mark E. Welland, FRS,
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