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Cambridge Seminar 1996



Communications for the 21st Century

12th December 1996

Cambridge University Engineering Department

Trumpington Street, Cambridge

The Cambridge Seminar was organised by the Cambridge Area Committee of the Institution of Electrical Engineers. Approximately 50 registrants participated in this meeting. Regrettably, Mr Steve Collins of Barclays Group was unable through illness to deliver his talk on Security and Financial Transactions. His place was taken at short notice by Mr B C Breton, who spoke about Remote Control via the Internet.

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Some of the topics covered by speakers in this one-day seminar:-

Amateur or professional, individual or company, lone operator or multi-national

You will be affected by the Internet.

Come and listen, participate in a hands-on session, travel the Information Superhighway.


08.30 Registration and Coffee

09.15 Welcome and Introduction
David Owen, Chairman, IEE Cambridge Area Committee

09.20 The Internet and Web for Beginners
Dr Alan Mills, Venus Internet

10.15 Sharing Information over the Internet
Ian Hosking, Logica

11.00 Coffee

11.30 Selling my Company over the Internet
Vicki Squires, The Virtual Art School

12.00 Introduction to the Hands-On Session
David Holburn, Cambridge University Engineering Department

12.15 Buffet Lunch and Hands-on Internet participation session
Two hands-on sessions will be organised at 12.35 and 13.15, allowing participants to explore for themselves the potential of the WWW. Up to 50 individual terminals available. Registrants will receive a badge allocating them to one of the two sessions. Experienced demonstrators will be on hand to give assistance. Click here for a synopsis of the material.

14.15 Internet or Intranet
Paul Bellchambers, SunSoft

15.00 Security and Financial Transactions
Steve Collins, Emerging Markets Unit, Barclays Group

15.45 Tea

16.15 The Future: Information Highway or B-Road to Hell?
Bill Thompson, The Guardian

17.00 Discussion

17.15 Chairman's Summary

17.25 Close of Seminar


For further information, please write to:

Dr J. Porter
2, Glebe Road
Cambs CB1 1SZ

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Synopses and Biographies (where available)

The Internet and Web for Beginners

This talk is intended to provide an introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web, and will

Dr Alan Mills is a director and founder of Venus Internet Ltd. He has considerable experience in Internet technology and applications.

His background includes involvement in the development and running of a ground-breaking Internet distance learning course in the field of molecular biology, the first global multimedia distance education course delivered entirely electronically, whilst he was Webmaster at Birkbeck College's Department of Crystallography. Initially a physicist, then a successful microcomputer entrepreneur, he has also been active in scientific reasearch and lecturing in bioinformatics at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Sharing Information over the Internet
The effective sharing of information over internets and intranets is being driven by developments and trends in communications, user interface design, databases, search engines, power sources, development platforms, new processors, memory, multimedia, deregulation, transactions, security, new business models and content providers. We will look at issues relating to the Terminal, Infrastructure and Information Design. In the course of this lecture we will focus on the opportunities that mobile computing and mobile internet offer in terms of the near, medium and long term developments of how users can share information over the internet/intranets. We shall also demonstrate some practical applications, which are available today, and are in turn pointers to the future for the development of information appliances which satisfy both horizontal and vertical markets.

Ian Hosking is a Senior Consultant at Logica UK Ltd.

Selling my Company on the Internet
A page on the World Wide Web is the beginning of an advertising campaign, not the end. There are a number of steps that have to be taken to ensure that you get 'hits', and some rigorous maintenance work to ensure that those hits are sustained, including:

Vicki Squires has worked as a freelance graphic designer for 20 years, using the computer as a design tool since 1989. She has produced the illustrations for HMSO's 'Driving Skills' series, including the recent best-seller 'Complete Theory Test for Cars and Motorcycles'. She is author of 'Illustration in the Computer Age' (BT Batsford) and 'Essential Design' for the National Extension College, the latter being the text for a correspondence course for which she is a tutor. A recent venture is the launch of the Virtual Art School on the Internet, which supplies tutor-supported on-line art and design courses.

THE VIRTUAL ART SCHOOL - online design courses

Introduction to the Hands-On Session

David Holburn is a lecturer in the University Engineering Department, Cambridge. His teaching activities lie in the area of microelectronics and integrated circuit design, and his research interests include digital image processing, electron microscopy, and development of techniques for embedding computer technology in a wide range of instruments and other products.

Internet or Intranet
The Internet and Intranet have become the most rapidly growing and significant area of computer technology. How can this technology be used to its full advantage?

Paul Bellchambers is a product marketing manager at Sunsoft, High Wycombe.

Security and Financial Transactions
This lecture will explore the issues and considerations relating to financial transactions over the Internet and discuss whether the Internet is evolutionary or revolutionary from a financial services perspective.

Steve Collins is Head of Technology Development in Barclays' Emerging Markets Unit. His responsibilities include smart card development and infrastructure development for the new electronic marketplace.

The Future: Information Highway or B-Road to Hell?
If, as William Gibson wrote, "the future is already with us - just unevenly distributed", then it should be possible to discern the shape of tomorrow's Internet.

Bill Thompson is responsible for the new media strategy of Guardian Newspapers, and he will share his views on the likely developments in this vital and exciting area.

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