Department of Engineering,
Material on those courses will become available during Michaelmas 2017*

Exposition (Part IA)

  • Communication skills training on professional subjects.
  • Timetable Michaelmas 2017 pdf

  • Introduction to Exercise A: Nanotech Conference pdf

  • Introduction to Exercise B: Report Writing pdf

  • CUED Guide to Report Writing pdf

  • Introduction to Exercise C: Hot Debate [pdf]

  • Info for Ex. C: Sustainable Energy – without the hot air [link]

  • Info for Ex. C: German energy policy and the way to sustainability [pdf]

3B5 Semiconductor Engineering (Part IIA)

  • Basic physics of semiconductors, junctions and related devices.
  • Timetable Michaelmas 2017

  • Lecture 9: The pn Junction diode[pdf]

  • Lecture 10: The Continuity Equation [pdf]

  • Lecture 11: Current Flow in the p+n Junction [pdf]

  • Lecture 12: Metal-Semiconductor Junctions [pdf]

  • Lecture 13: The BJT & HBT [pdf]

  • Lecture 14: The JFET, MESFET & HEMT [pdf]

  • Lecture 15: The MOSFET (Part I) [pdf]

  • Lecture 16: The MOSFET (Part II) [pdf]

  • 3B5 examples paper 3 [pdf]

  • 3B5 examples paper 4 [pdf]

  • Computer History Museum [link]

3B5 Laboratory - Schottky Barrier Diode (Part IIA)

  • Solid state device characterisation.
  • Lab handout [pdf]

  • Accuracy and Errors [link]

  • Short Report Coversheet [pdf]

4C3 Electrical and Nano Materials (Part IIB)

  • Processing, characterisation and properties of modern electrical materials.
  • Timetable Michaelmas 2017

  • Micro/Nanofabrication - part I [pdf]

  • Micro/Nanofabrication - part II [pdf]

* Note: pdf files are Raven protected