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Interface dynamics and crystal phase switching in GaAs nanowires
Jacobsson D., Panciera F., Tersoff J., Reuter M. C., Lehmann S., Hofmann S., Dick K. A., Ross F. M.,
Nature 531, 317 (2016)

Synthesis of nanostructures in nanowires using sequential catalyst reactions
Panciera F., Chou Y.-C., Reuter M. C., Zakharov D., Stach E. A., Hofmann S., Ross F. M.,
Nature Materials 14, 820 (2015)

Revealing Lithium–silicide Phase Transformations in Nano-structured Silicon-based Lithium Ion Batteries via in situ NMR Spectroscopy
Ogata K., Salager E., Kerr C. J., Fraser A. E., Ducati C., Morris A.J., Hofmann S., Grey C. P.
Nature Comm. 5, 3217 (2014)

Observing Graphene Grow: Catalyst−Graphene Interactions during Scalable Graphene Growth on Polycrystalline Copper
Piran R. Kidambi, Bernhard C. Bayer, Raoul Blume, Zhu-Jun Wang, Carsten Baehtz, Robert S. Weatherup, Marc-Georg Willinger, Robert Schloegl, and Stephan Hofmann
Nano Lett 13, 4769 (2013)

Introducing Carbon Diffusion Barriers for Uniform, High-Quality Graphene Growth from Solid Sources
Robert S. Weatherup, Carsten Baehtz, Bruno Dlubak, Bernhard C. Bayer, Piran R. Kidambi, Raoul Blume, Robert Schloegl, and Stephan Hofmann
Nano Lett 13, 4624 (2013)

In Situ Characterization of Alloy Catalysts for Low-Temperature Graphene Growth
Robert S. Weatherup, Bernhard C. Bayer, Raoul Blume, Caterina Ducati, Carsten Baehtz, Robert Schlogl, and Stephan Hofmann
Nano Lett. 11, 4154 (2011)

Ledge-flow-controlled catalyst interface dynamics during Si nanowire growth
Stephan Hofmann, Renu Sharma, Christoph T. Wirth, Felipe Cervantes-Sodi, Caterina Ducati, Takeshi Kasama, Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski, Jeff Drucker, Peter Bennett & John Robertson
Nature Materials 7, 372 - 375 (2008)

In situ Observations of Catalyst Dynamics during Surface-Bound Carbon Nanotube Nucleation
Stephan Hofmann, Renu Sharma, Caterina Ducati, Gaohui Du, Cecilia Mattevi, Cinzia Cepek, Mirco Cantoro, Simone Pisana, Atlus Parvez, Felipe Cervantes-Sodi, Andrea C. Ferrari, Rafal Dunin-Borkowski, Silvano Lizzit, Luca Petaccia, Andrea Goldoni, and John Robertson
Nano Lett., 2007, 7 (3), pp 602–608

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