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Fantastic displays

One of the major thrusts for research in Electrical Sciences at Cambridge is in the development of display technology. This covers the design of large flat television screens to tiny micro-displays that will be small enough to embed in a credit card. Dr Adrian Travis in the group is also working on the development of 3D television images - a commercial product from this research has already been marketed, but the intention is now to develop a flat screen version.

screen image

Contrary to the popular image of 'boffins' working in isolation, Professor Bill Crosslands team work closely with industry and DERA who pioneered liquid crystal displays on the world scene. Spin-off companies have also been set up to exploit the technological break throughs, such as Screen Technology Ltd in the nearby village of Harston, where the prototype flat screens are being made and Cambridge 3D Ltd which exists to develop the 3D technology.

For more details of these projects and other work going on in the area of Display technology, please look at our web site.

For further information, please contact Professor Bill Crossland: 01223 330264, e-mail: wac@eng.cam.ac.uk

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