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spring '94


In brief...

enginuity's arrival has been well received. We have had much positive feedback and we now confirm that publication will be six-monthly as the joint newsletter of the Department and the Association. In response to many suggestions, we have reduced our page size for this edition, and we would welcome readers' reactions and suggestions.

A topical item of major importance is the recent establishment of the School of Technology, comprising the Departments of Engineering and Chemical Engineering, the Computer Laboratory and the judge Institute of Management Studies. The resources of the University are distributed to the departments via the schools. The University places great importance on maintaining its place at the forefront of technology and the new school will help the departments in voicing their opinions on policy issues and in setting out their needs to the central authorities.

Allied to this, and as a marker for future development, is the University's recently announced long-range strategic plan for major expansion on the West Cambridge site. Engineering features prominently in the plan with the aim of moving to the new site by 2010, and vacating the Scroope House premises. Plans for the new site include provision for the establishment of innovative industry alongside our research activities.