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Cambridge University Engineers' Association

The Cambridge University Engineers' Association exists to provide a link between alumni and the Cambridge University Departments of Engineering and Chemical Engineering, and to maintain links between the Departments and the engineering profession as a whole.

All graduates of Cambridge University Engineering Department are members of the Association. If you wish to update your details please contact Cambridge University Alumni Office.

The Association's annual conference will take place on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th September 2014.   It forms part of the University's Alumni Festival 2014.  More details will be here nearer the time.

Officers and Executive Committee

The Officers of the Association are a President, a Vice-President, an Honorary Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer. The present post holders are:

    President:                      Dr Michael Purshouse
    Vice-President:             Professor Dame Ann Dowling
    Honorary Secretary:     Dr James Talbot
    Honorary Treasurer:     Charmain Allen (from 20 Jan 2014)

The members of the Executive Committee of the Association are:

  • Prof. Sir Mike Gregory
  • Cdr. Mark Grenfell-Shaw
  • David Yates
  • Margaret Winchcomb
  • Maj. Gen. John Drewienkiewicz
  • Dr Barnali Ghosh
  • Matthew Haslett
  • Robert Foreman
  • Arron Rodrigues
  • Philip Guildford (CUED Director of Research)(co-opted)
  • Igor Wowk (CUED Industrial Experience Co-ordinator)(co-opted)

  • Background to the CUEA

    The Cambridge University Engineers' Association (CUEA) was founded in December 1928 with the object of the advancement of the welfare and interests of the University of Cambridge. The association does this by:

    The CUEA was formally constituted in December 1928. Its objectives were defined as follows:

    1. To keep all past and present members of the University who are or have been associated with the profession of Engineering in touch with each other and with the University Engineering School.
    2. To compile and keep up to date as complete a record as possible of the careers of all Cambridge engineers, and to publish annually for issue to its members a Register giving the names and addresses of Cambridge engineers.
    3. To organise such reunions of its members as may be considered of value to the Association.
    4. To facilitate united action on any matter concerning the welfare of Cambridge engineers.’

    Sir Charles Parsons was elected President.

    In May 1953 His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, who had opened the first block of the Baker Building in the previous November, consented to become Patron of the Association. A revised constitution was approved at the Annual General Meeting held on 11 July 1953. The Association was to be open to all Cambridge graduates who were, or had been, associated with the profession of engineering. Nowadays, all graduates of the Department of Engineering are treated as members of the Association.

    The CUEA holds an annual conference at Cambridge, to which all alumni are invited. These conferences were instigated in 1965 in the belief that “they would result not only in the production of new ideas but also in action which will be of positive benefit to the national economy.” In recent years, the conferences have been part of the University's Alumni Festival.

    Further Information

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