Department of Engineering: Computational Structural Mechanics Lab (CSMLab)

Computational Structural Mechanics Lab (CSMLab)

Department of Engineering


Principal Investigator
Dr Fehmi Cirak

Dr Fehmi Cirak   ( / Contact details)

  • Dr Cirak is a Reader in Computational Mechanics and joined Cambridge in March 2006. Prior to that he spent five years as a Senior/Associate Scientist at the Center for Advanced Computing Research (CACR) at the California Institute of Technology. He has a PhD in Computational Structural Mechanics from the University of Stuttgart and was a Posdoctoral Fellow in Aeronautics at the California Institute of Technology. Find more on his biography page.

PhD Students
Eky Febrianto

Eky Febrianto   ( )

  • Eky joined CSMLab in October 2015. He has bachelor's and master's degrees both in Aeronautics from the Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia). Eky is developing innovative and highly efficient immersed finite elements for large-scale industrial solid and fluid mechanics applications with complex geometries.

Sumudu Herath

Sumudu Herath   ( )

  • Sumudu is a first year PhD student and joined CSMLab in 2016. He has an undergraduate degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka). His research is on manifold-based isogeometric surface representations for integrated computer-aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) of lightweight thin-shell structures.

Arion Pons

Arion Pons   ( )

  • Arion joined CSMLab in 2015 and has bachelor's and master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Canterbury (New Zealand). His work is on supermaneuverability of autonomous small-scale morphing-wing aircraft with a focus on rigid-body dynamics and control.

Xiao Xiao

Xiao Xiao   ( )

  • Xiao is a third year CSMLab PhD student and joined in 2014. He has previously studied Structural Engineering at Tianjin University (China) graduating with bachelor's and master's degrees. Xiao's research is on structural optimisation with applications to additive manufacturing and lightweighting of mechanical components.

Ge Yin

Ge Yin   ( )

  • Ge began his Phd in October 2015. He has a bachelor's degree from the Tongji University (China) in Civil Engineering and a master's degree from the Imperial College in Structural Steel Design. Ge is currently developing new computational techniques for interfacing topology optimisation with computer-aided design (CAD).

Qiaoling Zhang

Qiaoling Zhang   ( )

  • Qiaoling joined CSMLab in January 2015. Prior to that Qiaoling completed an undergraduate degree in Turbomachinery at the Xi'an Jiaotong University (China). Her research is on novel computational techniques for fluid-structure interaction with applications to energy-harvesting.

Longterm Visitors

Dr Malcolm Sabin  

  • Malcolm is one of the foremost pioneers in computer-aided design (CAD). In addition to generously sharing his tremendous CAD expertise with CSMLab, Malcolm is actively investigating new interrogation methods for subdivision surfaces.

Former Group Members