Computational Structural Mechanics Lab (CSMLab)

Department of Engineering


Fluid-Shell Interaction (compressible, inviscid fluid)

Supersonic Parachutes

Breathing instability - movie Windtunnel test- movie

Airbag inflation

Airbag inflation - movie

Detonation-driven tube fracture

Ffracturing tube - movie Venting tube - movie

Fluid-Shell Interaction (incompressible, viscous fluid)

Stationary airfoils and wings

Flow over an airfoil - movie Flow over a plate - movie

Moving airfoils and wings

Two-dimensional flapper - movie Heaving airfoil - movie Rotating drosophila wing at - movie

Deformable structures

Flow around a flexible cylinder - movie Fibre in soap film - movie Self-excited oscillation - movie

Multiresolution Shape Optimisation
Shape optimisation of a roof - movie Shape and topology optimisation of a stool - movie Shape optimisation of a plate - movie

Subdivision Finite Elements (Movies)
Pinched cylinder - movie Sphere buckling - movie Sandwich plate buckling - movie

Flapping of a hoverfly wing

Flapping wing - movie

Buckling of a tension-cone decelerator

Tension-cone buckling - movie

Contact Mechanics (Movies)
Sphere-plate impact - movie Sphere-sphere impact - movie
Five cubes - movie 76 cubes - movie