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Research Areas

Solid State Electronics and Nanoscale Science

The Electronic Devices and Materials group conducts research in large area electronic materials and high power semiconductor devices, carbon nanotubes, and semiconducting nanowires.

The Hofmann Group explores novel materials, metrology and device architectures. A particular focus thereby lies on nanomaterials and the use of in-situ metrology to probe the fundamental mechanisms that govern their growth and functionality. Understanding matter on the nano-scale has huge technological potential in energy conversion and storage, information/communication and environmental technologies.

The Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Group focuses on the growth and characterisation of diamond-like carbon, graphene, carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires for coating, optoelectronics and sensing applications.

Scientific Imaging research covers a variety of related topics spanning hardware and software, related to microscopy, image processing and analysis, medical instrumentation, CMOS mixed-signal IC Design, optical communications and other activities.