4th International Workshop on Compact Thin-Film
Transistor (TFT) Modeling for Circuit Simulation

Cambridge University, UK
September 3, 2012

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About the workshop

In recent years, the increasing use of active matrix flat-panel displays and bio-medical imagers in commercial electronic products has drawn a significant attention to thin-film transistors (TFT) and technologies. TFTs on amorphous- and poly-silicon as well as newly emerging organic, transparent metal oxide and nano-composite semiconductor technologies are becoming increasingly common. For example, flat panel displays are finding widespread use in many products such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), camcorders, laptop personal computers (PCs), to name a few. The active matrix display is composed of a grid or matrix of picture elements called as "pixels". Thousands or millions of these pixels together create an image on the display, in which the TFTs act as switches to individually turn each pixel. More increasingly TFTs are starting to be used as analog circuit elements for rudimentary signal conditioning. Therefore, physically-based compact modeling of TFTs for circuit simulation is crucial to accurately and reliably predict TFT behavior in the active matrix. A concentrated R&D effort is critical for developing physically-based compact TFT models for emerging thin-film technologies, and significant R&D efforts along these lines are underway world-wide.


This workshop will provide a forum for discussions and current practices on compact TFT modeling. The workshop is sponsored by IEEE EDS Compact Modeling Technical Committee in joint collaboration with Cambridge University. A partial list of the areas of interest includes:


About the organizers


Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Technical School of Engineering, University Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain


About the location

CTFT 2012 will be held in Cambridge, UK. The city is the country's most beautiful historic city. Its elegant centre is framed by architectural triumphs, surrounded by green spaces and home to the University of Cambridge's world-famous Colleges. Cambridge wears its history and heritage with pride.
Where else can you enjoy the friendly and lively bustle of Market Square, where a seven-days-a-week market thrives just a cobblestone's throw from the gleaming spires of King's College Chapel? Cambridge lives and breathes its past in its present; wander through the winding streets and follow the steps of the city's luminaries including Charles Darwin, Alfred Tennyson and Sylvia Plath to name but a few. Poets, philosophers, scientists, medics, engineers, prime ministers and Nobel Peace Prize winners have all left their mark here.
Visitors are spoiled for choice in Cambridge, where there is something to excite, inspire and interest everyone. Take time to admire the picturesque waters of the Cam and gaze in wonder and the bridge of Sighs at St. John's and the Mathematical Bridge and Queens'. Wherever you walk in Cambridge you are close to something special: the Round Church, one of the city's oldest buildings; the Great Court at Trinity, famous for the annual Great Court Run captured in the film Chariots of Fire; the Wren Library where A.A. Milne's manuscripts of Winnie-the-Pooh can be found alongside books from Sir Isaac Newton's own library; the Fitzwilliam Museum which houses world-class collections of art and the quiet and elegant beauty of Kettle's Yard, home to a distinctive mix of contemporary and 20th century art.


Important Dates
  July 9
Deadline for first abstract submission
  August 1
Notification of acceptance
  August 20
4-pages final paper submission deadline
  August 15
Deadline for advanced registration



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