Research at CMMPE — Materials

The design, synthesis and development of new (predominantly liquid crystalline) materials and composites plays a significant part in the ongoing research at CMMPE. Our current research in materials development is summarised in the following sections:

Liquid crystals

An overview of the design and chemical synthesis of new liquid crystalline materials carried out at CMMPE, including bimesogens, organosiloxanes and blue phases.


Dichroic laser dyes, organic/inorganic dyes, absorbative dyes

Polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLCs)

Hybrid polymer/liquid crystal materials, including:
Scattering PDLCs
, holographic PDLCs, polymer network/stabilised systems

CMMPE's introduction to liquid crystals

Not already familiar with the science of liquid crystals?
Why not read our basic introduction to these interesting and highly useful materials, which includes detailed descriptions of how chemical structure influences liquid crystal properties.