Research at CMMPE

CMMPE research can be broadly categorised into 3 sections. Follow the links below to discover more about each category, and to find out about specific ongoing research projects.

Electical/Optical Phenomena

Devices and Applications

Our research is primarily focussed around liquid crystalline materials and polymers. The work includes development of new materials, observation of new phenomena and developing applications for a wide range of existing and future technologies. These applications include flat-panel displays, telecoms devices, medical applications, and lab-on-a-chip components. By virtue of our multi-disciplinary team and our industrial partners, the centre provides an excellent knowledge base in a number of key areas of soft-matter research.

We also collaborate closely with other labs and groups in Cambridge including:

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Click here for the 2017 overview poster of CMMPE research activities.

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Industrial partners and sources of funding: