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CMMPE welcomes new members

CMMPE is pleased to announce the arrival of the following visiting researchers and new students:

Prof. Tong Zhang
Dr. Alexander Lorenz
Ammar Ahmed Khan
Rachel Hyman
SJ Senanayake
Eric Young


Qing Dai passes PhD viva

Qing's thesis was examined today, and we congratulate him on successfully passing his PhD. His work was supervised by Tim Wilkinson.



Haider Butt passes PhD viva and rejoins CMMPE as a postdoc

Congratulations to Haider, who recently successfully passed his PhD viva. Dr. Butt continues his excellent work at CMMPE as a postdoctoral researcher, on a grant jointly supported by Dr. Tim Wilkinson and Prof. Gehan Amaratunga.



CMMPE babies!

Two CMMPE members are both celebrating new-born babies. Steve Morris and his wife Alison celebrate the arrival of baby Abigail, born in December 2010, whilst Haider Butt and his wife celerate the birth of Aasiya Haider in October 2010.


Baby Aasiya

PhD viva success!

Congratulations to Jon Freeman, Rick Chen. Christoph Bay and Xuesong Hu, who all passed their PhD vivas at the end of 2010. We wish them every sucess for their post-CMMPE futures!



CMMPE welcomes new students and visiting researchers

CMMPE is pleased to announce new members to the research group. Dr. Helen Ou and Shabeena Nosheen join as visiting researchers. Katie Atkinson starts as PhD student under Prof. Harry Coles. Themis Mavrogordatos, Yunuen Montelongo and Ananta Palani all join as PhD students under Dr. Tim Wilkinson.

Hopefully the CMMPE social secretary will organise a night out for us all shortly!



Wilkinson and Mowatt - Photographers extraordinaire!

Dr. Tim Wilkinson has been selected by the International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS) as March 2010 "Artist of the Month", for his photograph of a liquid crystal microlens array. Further details and the image itself can be found here.

Dr. Carrie Mowatt also has had some of her recent photography published on an Italian website. The article describes work carried out at CMMPE on blue phase liquid crystals. Click here for the link (NB: in Italian).



Su Seok Choi passes his PhD viva!

Many congratulations to Su Seok, who today successfully passed his PhD viva! Su Seok has spent four years at CMMPE, working on a research project with LG Electronics. His thesis title was, "Electrically Tuneable Photonic Bandgaps in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals".



Harry and Leona get married!

On Friday 21st August, Prof. Harry Coles and Leona Hope got married. Many congratulations and best wishes to them both from everyone at CMMPE. Some larger images of the wedding can be seen here:

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4



Carrie gets married!

Many congratulations to Carrie, who married her partner Jim Mowatt on Saturday 18th July, 2009. Best wishes to them both from everyone at CMMPE! A larger photograph of the couple can be seen here.

Odds-on favourite for the next CMMPE group wedding is Damian and Mel, who also recently announced their engagement. Congratulations to the two of them as well!



Ranjith gets married!

Many congratulations to Ranjith, who has recently got married! Ranjith married Sneha Elizabeth in India on 23rd April, 2009. A larger photograph of the couple can be seen here.



James Chen passes his PhD viva!

Congratulations to James Chen, who yesterday successfully passed his PhD oral examination! James has spent four years at CMMPE, completing a PhD on flexoelectric liquid crystal devices over silicon, supervised by Tim Wilkinson. Well done Dr. Chen!



Dr. Tim Wilkinson is promoted to Reader

Many congratulations to Tim Wilkinson who has just been promoted by the University from Senior Lecturer to Reader. We hope that he will still remember his old friends now he has been elevated to such lofty ranks(!)




Carrie Gillespie's award-winning photograph used in Cambridge undergraduate prospectus

Congratulations to CMMPE's Dr. Carrie Gillespie, whose photograph of a blue phase liquid crystal optical texture entitled "Beautiful blue phase" has been chosen as the artwork for the 2010 Cambridge Engineering undergraduate admissions prospectus CD. Previously, the same image had also been awarded as a "highly commended" entry in the Department of Engineering's 2008 photography competition. You can read more about CMMPE's research into blue phase LC materials here.



CMMPE CamTools site goes live

A new CamTools resources site has been set-up for all members of CMMPE. From here, users will be able to share files, data and other useful common resources. All group members should already be able to access this using their Raven login (please contact Phil Hands in the event of problems accessing the site). Note that currently only senior group members (postdocs, lecturers and professors) have maintainance (ie: uploading) privelidges, whilst students have read-only access.

Examples of resources uploaded so far include, journal and conference publication database, group seminar files, health and safety documentation, chemical database, lab equipment instructions, software, house-style templates, CMMPE discussion forum, group photos, meeting minutes, and many more. Please use the CamTools forum to suggest new ways to use the CMMPE CamTools pages.



CMMPE welcomes new PhD students and RA

CMMPE welcomes the arrival of four new people to the research group. Kanghee (James) Won, Jiahui Lu and Qing Dai all start as PhD students, and are under the supervision of Dr. Tim Wilkinson. Also, Dr. Pohling Neo rejoins the group as a Research Associate, after successfully completing her PhD.



CMMPE Autumn seminar series timetable announced

The Autumn timetable of group seminars has been announced. This gives group members the opportunity to share and engage in the research going on within the group, as well as giving valuable presentation experience. Seminars will take place in the CAPE building seminar room, on Fridays at 2pm.



Dr. Sonja Findeisen-Tandel wins the Department of Engineering photography competition!

Congratulations to Sonja, whose image "Blue Spikes" has been awarded first prize in the Department of Engineering photography competition, sponsored by Microsoft. For a full list of other finalists, including CMMPE's Carrie Gillespie, Tim Wilkinson and Sonja's other photographs, click here.



CMMPE welcomes new members

CMMPE welcomes the arrival of three new postdoctoral research associates to the group. Dr. Sonja Findeisen-Tandel and Dr. Catherine Dobson join the COSMOS project, and Dr. Qasim Malik joins CHIRALASE.


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