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15th Feb 2019

CMMPE holograms fearured on Cambrideg 105 radio gadget show

Prof Tim Wilkinson featured in a gadget show report on Cambrige 105 radio. The feature can be heard via podcast on the link above and covers the up coming talk he is giving for the annual Cambridge Science Festival. The talk entitle:- Holographic projection displays: beyond Star Wars is aimed at a general audience and will feature fun and games with holograms.The word ‘hologram’ is one of the most mis-used terms in current display technologies. Ever since the iconic scene in the original 1977 Star Wars movie, where Princess Leia is projected in three dimensions from R2D2, the term has been used to describe a multitude of displays that do not contain holograms.

Further details of the talk can be found here.


8th June 2016

Dr Damian Gardiner receives prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal

Recent CMMPE alumnus Dr Damian Gardiner has been awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering’s prestigious Silver Medal at the Academy Awards Dinner at the Tower of London on Thursday 23 June 2016.

Now a Research Scientist and Business Development Manager at Johnson Matthey, Dr Gardiner led the integration of ilumink into the company, and is now responsible, alongside specialists at Johnson Matthey, of bringing his invention to a global market with the extra resources and credibility of the larger company. The global counterfeit goods industry is thought to cost genuine brands up to £1 trillion every year. It also claims lives: the World Health Organisation estimates that around 1 million people a year die from taking counterfeit medicines.

Dr Gardiner’s commercial exploitation of the technology he developed as a researcher at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering was kick-started by an Enterprise Fellowship in 2013 through the Academy’s Enterprise Hub, which included mentoring support from successful entrepreneurs among the Academy’s Fellows.


25th Feb 2015

Engineering Dept annual photo competition winner - Rachel Garsed

Rachel is in the CMMPE news again! Not only for her recent wedding to Philip Garsed, but also for cleaning up in this year's annual enineering dept photo competition. Her picture, 'A shot in the dark' won the best overall photograph award and she was presneted with a swanky pair of binoculars coertesy of Zeiss. The pictures can be viewed here on the CUED Flickr page.

Other noteworthy CMMPE entries included Calum Williams - the rings of optics

And Jennifer Jones -infiltrating liquid crystal

25th Feb 2015

Richard Norman Scholar - Rachel Garsed

Rachel Garsed is the first holder of the Richard Norman Scholarship. Rachel visited Dorothy Norman to thank her personally for the generous benefaction. The Richard Norman Scholarship Fund has been established by Mrs Dorothy Norman in memory of her late husband. The scholarship fund is for the benefit of postgraduate students in the Department of Engineering undertaking research in electrical engineering.

5th Jan 2015

CMMPE holograms feature on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

For those who were not awake at the crack of dawn, the brief feature on holograms on BBC Radio Cambrigshire's Dotty McLeod Breakfast Show can be experienced via the BBC iPlayer. The feature was part of a series celebrating the fact that as of 2015 the film 'Back to the Future' is no longer referring to the future any more. This begs the question, were any of the things Marty McFly experienced on his epic journey through time a real prediction of here and now. The item appears 1:49:40 into the Breakfast Show and is asking if 'Jaws 19' really could be seen in holographic 3D today.

16th Dec 2014

Eric's paper is chosen for the cover of Applied Optics

A paper recently published in Applied Optics by Eric (Fan Yang) has been selected to feature as the cover image for that issue. Eric's paper - Fast precalculated triangular mesh algorithm for 3D binary computer-generated holograms - demonstrates a new technique for rapid 3D hologram generation. This new triangular mesh system greatly enhances the hologram design process and allows for better GPU acceleration using standard CUDA based graphics cards.

For more information see the original Applied Optics article:

Fast precalculated triangular mesh algorithm for 3D binary computer-generated holograms
F. Yang, A. Kaczorowski, TD, Wilkinson
Applied Optics, Vol. 53, Issue 35, pp. 8261-8267 (2014)


22nd Aug 2014

Color holograms using plasmonic nanoparticles!

A paper recently published in PNAS by Yunuen Montelongo and colleagues of the CMMPE group has demonstrated, for the first time, a two colour hologram patterned in plasmonic silver nano rods (or antennae). The rods were fabricated on the nanometre scale using ebeam lithography. The dimensions of rods determines which wavelength of light can be used to excite a surface plasmonic resonance. This resonance is then used to diffract the light into a pre-determined image. In this device, two separate holograms were encoded using two different lengths of nano-rod, giving separate holofraphic replay images depending on the wavelength of the illumination.

For more information see the original PNAS article:

Plasmonic nanoparticle scattering for color holograms
Y. Montelongo, JO. Tenorio-Pearl, C. Williams, S. Zhang, WI. Milne, TD, Wilkinson
PNAS, 1405262111 (2014)


1st July 2014

Excellent results for CMMPE at the 2014 BLCS Meeting

The CMMPE Group was very well represented at this years BLCS annual meeting in Durham. Aside from the usual drinking and socialising, there were some excellent papers and posters given as part of a very stimulating conference line up. The meeting was ample proof that there is still a vibrant and diverse liquid crystal community within the UK. Subjects spanning theory to experiment from twist bend phases to Flynn's (CMMPE alumni) classic paper on the true diversity of chiral materials still waiting to be discovered.

The CMMPE attendees were also showered with much deserved acolades:

The best student presentation prize went to Rachel Hyman for her work ‘Polarisation independent phase-modulation of light using polymer-stabilised blue phase liquid crystals’ which is a major step forward in finding an elusive high speed phase modulation material.

The poster prize was won by Calum Williams for his epic ‘Tunable multifunctional nanostructured holograms using liquid crystals’ which shows the true diversity of different mechanisms that can be harnessed through liquid crystals.

And Tim Wilkinson was awarded the 2014 Hilsum Medal


24th Mar 2014

Dr Damian Gardiner and illumink make the BBC World Technology

The BBC World Technology service has featured Dr Damian Gardiner's startup company illumink as part of its feature article 'Next Silicon Valleys: Why Cambridge is a start-up city'.

ilumink is a spin-out company from the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. The company was founded by key members of the research team along with highly experienced commercial personnel. Commercialisation was kickstarted by funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship Scheme for Dr Damian Gardiner.


13th Mar 2014

Andrzej Kaczorowski gives a TEDx talk in Warsaw

Andrzej's passion for physics and computer science has led him to his true love: holography. Having received a BSc in Physics and Computer Science at King’s College London and Master’s at the University of Cambridge, Andrzej is currently pursuing a PhD at Cambridge, his mission: to create a new generation of 3D displays.


17th Mar 2014

CMMPE research featured in the Research Highlights section of the journal Nature

Recent research on devitrite-based optical diffusers by CMMPE group member Dr Haider Butt in collaboration with the Materials Science Department the has been featured in the Research Highlights section of Nature.

Original paper: Devitrite-Based Optical Diffusers
H. Butt, K.M. Knowles, Y. Montelongo, G. A. J. Amaratunga, and T.D. Wilkinson
ACS Nano, DOI: 10.1021/nn500155e (Feb 21st 2014)

More information about the commercial aspects of this this invention is also available through Cambridge Enterprise


22nd Jan 2014

CMMPE research featured for holographic diagnostics

Recent research has been published on holographic sensor technology by CMMPE group members in collaboration with the Department Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Cavendish and The Children's Hospital of the King’s Daughters. ‘Smart’ holograms, which are currently being tested to monitor diabetes, and could be used to monitor a wide range of medical and environmental conditions in future, have been developed.

Original paper: Light-Directed Writing of Chemically Tunable Narrow-Band Holographic Sensors
A K. Yetisen, H Butt, F da Cruz Vasconcellos, Y Montelongo, C A. B. Davidson, J Blyth, L Chan, J. B Carmody, S Vignolini, U Steiner, J J. Baumberg, T D. Wilkinson and C R. Lowe
Advanced Optical Materials Volume 2, Issue 3, pages 250–254, March 2014

1st December 2013

Feng Feng wins the best student paper award at the ACP/IPOC 2013 Conference

Recently viva PhD student Feng Feng was awarded the best student paper award the the recent ACP 2013 Conference in Beijing, China. The paper outlined his work into adaptive free-space optical interconnects - "Holographic wavefront sensing and correction for free-space opitical communications".


1st October 2013

Ananta Palani wins the 2013 CUED photo competition

CMMPE PhD student, Ananta Palani has won the prestigious Engineering Department Photographic competition with his Fourier inspired image Diffraction Sun 3.

Near-field diffraction of a simple circularly symmetric pattern of arcs displayed on a ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator by a helium neon laser imaged directly onto a sensor without any lens after diffraction. The triangular pattern observed to exceed the boundaries of the central circle are due to interference fringes in the intermediary diffraction pattern. NOTE: There are three images attached of different exposures.

This photograph has been featured on the main University website as well as featured in the Daily Mail


1st October 2013

Rachel Hyman wins the E & T puzzle prize

Well done to Rachel Hyman whos puzzle solving abilities have raised her to the Pantheon of true greatness in the academic world of the IET.

30th July 2013

Collaborative research on liquid crystal lasers featured on the front cover of Applied Physics Letters

Collaborative reserarch, carrried out by the Optoelectronics Group, CMMPE, and the EPEC Group, on a hybird photonic-crystal/liquid-crystal laser device is featured on the front cover of this week's Applied Physics Letters.

A nano-patterned photonic crystal laser with a dye-doped liquid crystal
D.-H Ko, S. M. Morris, A. Lorenz, F. Castles, H. Butt, D. J. Gardiner, M. M. Qasim, B. Wallikewitz, P. J. W. Hands, T. D. Wilkinson, G. A. J. Amaratunga, H. J. Coles, R. H. Friend
Applied Physics Letters, 103, 051101 (2013).


5th July 2013

CMMPE research featured as the frontispiece of Advanced Optical Materials

Electrically switchable diffraction grating using a hybrid liquid crystal and carbon nanotube-based nanophotonic device
K. Won, A. Palani, H. Butt, P. J. W. Hands, R. Rajeskharan, Q. Dai, A. A. Khan, G. A. J. Amaratunga, H. J. Coles, T. D. Wilkinson
Advanced Optical Materials, 1, 367 (2013).

20th June 2013

Timmy gets a Chair

Dr. Timothy Wilkinson has been listed in the 2013 Senior Academic Promotions list with the establishment of a Personal Chair. The Chair has been given the title - Professor of Photonic Engineering.

A barrel will be forthcoming!

28th May 2013

Dr. Haider Butt wins ABTA Doctoral Researcher Award 2013

Dr. Haider Butt, a Henslow research fellow at CMMPE, has been awarded first prize in this year's ABTA Doctoral Researcher Awards.

These awards are presented by the Association of British Turkish Academics (ABTA) to promote and award scientific excellence among young researchers in the UK. Haider was selected amongst the three finalists of Engineering and Physical Sciences category from a total of applications 140
received from 40 universities in the UK. At the award ceremony the three finalists presented their research to a general audience. Haider was awarded first place in the competition for his research work on 'Holograms based on Nanostructures'. The award consisted of a cash prize and tablet PC.


24th Apr 2013

Dr. Damian Gardiner awarded Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship

Damian has recently commenced his prestigious Enterprise Fellowship -awarded by the Royal Academy of Engineering - to commercialise recent technology pioneered in CMMPE.

The global cost of counterfeit products - from fake banknotes to pharmaceuticals and consumer products - is estimated at £500 billion. Using the breakthroughs in printable liquid crystal laser technology and liquid crystal lasers, Damian will develop his work on unique optical signatures combined with scalable print processing to provide security features and devices which could help prevent the sale of counterfeit goods. Damian aims to establish a spin-out company to bring this technology to market with support from his colleagues in CMMPE and the Inkjet Research Centre as well as Cambridge Enterprise.


6th Mar 2013

CMMPE research featured in the Research Highlights section of the journal Nature Photonics

Recent research on carbon nanotubes led by CMMPE members has been featured in the Research Highlights section of Nature Photonics.

Research Highlights article:
Black Forest
R. Won
Nature Photonics 7, 166 (2013)

Original paper:
Cylindrical Fresnel lenses based on carbon nanotube forests
H. Butt, R. Rajesekharan, Q. Dai, S. Sarfraz, R. V. Kumar, G. A. J. Amaratunga, and T.D. Wilkinson
Applied Physics Letters 101, 243116 (2012)


29th Jan 2013

CMMPE announces new collaboration with Michell Instruments on laser research

Local manufacturer, Michell Instruments, is sponsoring the PhD research of SJ Senanayake who will be researching novel techniques in spectroscopy as a method of sensing trace moisture.


11th Jan 2013

CMMPE research featured on the cover-art of Advanced Optical Materials and Applied Physics Letters



Tim Wilkinson featured in Science journal

Tim Wilkinson contributes some career advice to an article "Successful Careers: A Matter of Confidence" in the latest issue of the journal Science.


Dr Juho Lintuvuori gives invited CMMPE seminar

CMMPE welcomed Juho Lintuvuori (University of Edinburgh), who gave a seminar entitled "Simulations of colloidal particles in chiral liquid crystals".


CMMPE research on ink-jet printed liquid crystal lasers featured in November 2012 issue of Physik Journal

Research carried out under the COSMOS project, in collaboration with the IfM, has been featured in the "High-Tech" section of Physik Journal, the journal of the German Physical Society.

Original paper:
Printed photonic arrays from self-organized chiral nematic liquid crystals
D.J. Gardiner, W.-K. Hsaio, S.M. Morris, P.J.W. Hands, T.D. Wilkinson, I.M. Hutchings, H.J. Coles
Soft Matter, 8, 9977-9980, (2012)



CMMPE nanotube holograms featured in Nature

Recent research conducted by Dr. Haider Butt et al. at CMMPE on carbon nanotube holograms has been featured in the News & Views section of this week's Nature.

News & Views article:
Optics: Nanotube holograms
S. Larouche and D. R. Smith
Nature 491, 47 (2012)

Original paper:
Carbon Nanotube Based High Resolution Holograms
H. Butt, Y. Montelongo, T. Butler, R. Rajesekharan, Q. Dai, S.G. Shiva-Reddy, T.D. Wilkinson, G.A.J. Amaratunga
Advanced Materials (advance online publication), (2012)


CMMPE lasers exhibited at Photonex 2012

Dr. Damian Gardiner and Prof. Harry Coles exhibited the COSMOS liquid crystal laser demonstrators at Photonex 2012. The stand was in the 'Innovation' zone in the conference which was held at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry.


CMMPE research on ink-jet printed liquid crystal lasers reported by BBC and other popular press

COSMOS researchers, in collaboration with the IfM, have recently published a paper in the journal Soft Matter detailing a new technique for ink-jet printing liquid crystal lasers onto surfaces. The new breakthrough has been highlighted by the Cambridge University Research News website, and also by the BBC and several other popular news sites. Click below to read the articles, and the original paper:

Printed Electronics World (28/09/12) Researchers develop printable lasers
Cambridge Evening News (25/09/12): Dazzling discovery in laser technology world
Photonics Online (25/09/12): Printable lasers developed
Laser Focus World (19/09/12): University of Cambridge researchers develop printable lasers
Cambridge University website (19/09/12): Researchers develop printable lasers
Cambridge Engineering website (19/09/12): Researchers develop printable lasers
BBC website (19/09/12): Printed lasers can make your wallpaper 'smart'

Original paper:
Printed photonic arrays from self-organized chiral nematic liquid crystals
D.J. Gardiner, W.-K. Hsaio, S.M. Morris, P.J.W. Hands, T.D. Wilkinson, I.M. Hutchings, H.J. Coles
Soft Matter, 8, 9977-9980, (2012)



CMMPE research on CNT holograms highlighted by several popular science news websites

A recent paper by CMMPE researchers on the applications of carbon nanotubes for holography has been reported on several popular science news websites, and also by the University of Cambridge Research News pages.

Nanotubes used to create smallest ever hologram pixels
University of Cambridge Research News - (19 September, 2012)

New use for those incredible nanotubes: Holograms

Carbon Nanotube Based High Resolution Holograms
H. Butt, Y. Montelongo, T. Butler, R. Rajesekharan, Q. Dai, S.G. Shiva-Reddy, T.D. Wilkinson, G.A.J. Amaratunga
Advanced Materials (advance online publication), (2012)



CMMPE paper highlighted as "bright idea" by chief editor of Advanced Optical Materials

A paper by CMMPE researchers, recently published in Advanced Optical Materials, has been highlighted by the editor, Dave Flanagan, as a "bright idea". The article describes a technique for constructing Fresnel lens arrays and other holographic structures using patterened forests of carbon nanotubes.

Read the highlighted "bright idea" article here. Or read the full original journal article here:

Can nanotubes make a lens array?
R. Rajasekharan, H. Butt, Q. Dai, T.D. Wilkinson, G.A.J. Amaratunga
Advanced Materials, 23 (23), OP170-OP173, (2012)



Damian Gardiner, Philip Hands & Stephen Morris awarded as ERA Foundation Award finalists by RAE

The Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) awarded Damian, Philip and Stephen runners-up prize for the ERA Foundation Award 2012, "in recognition of outstanding entrepreneurial research in the field of electro-technology". They were awarded a certificate at the Academy Awards Dinner, at the Royal Opera House in London, for their work on COSMOS Lasers and the commercialisation of liquid crystal laser technology.



Haider Butt awarded Henslow Research Fellowship

Many congratulations to Haider Butt, who has been awarded with a stipendiary Henslow Research Fellowship from Wolfson College, Cambridge.



Joel Carpenter awarded Hamilton Prize 2011

The Hamilton Prize is awarded by the University of Cambridge to a graduate student submitting the best report embodying research carried out in the University on the theory or practice of the physics or engineering of any aspect of communication, propagation, or signal processing, associated with electromagnetic radiation or wave propagation. Congratulations to Joel, who won the prize for 2011.



Philip Hands awarded best poster presentation by British Liquid Crystal Society

At their recent annual meeting and conference, held in Strathclyde (1-4 April, 2012), the British Liquid Crystal Society (BLCS) awarded the prize for best poster presentation to Philip Hands. Phil's poster, "Compact, inexpensive and widely-tuneable liquid crystal lasers" also featured a live demonstration of the COSMOS tuneable liquid crystal laser.



COSMOS liquid crystal laser technology highlighted by Electro Optics magazine

The Technology Focus of the March 2012 edition of Electro Optics features a full-page article all about the tuneable liquid crystal lasers research currently being undertaken at CMMPE as part of the COSMOS TT project. The article also features an interview with Philip Hands, describing the recently constructed COSMOS laser demonstrator unit and the technology upon which it is based.

A copy of the article, titled Twist and Shout, can be downloaded here.



Flynn Castles awarded PhD Prize for "Outstanding Dissertation"

The Department of Engineering has awarded Flynn Castles a prize for his "outstanding dissertation". His PhD thesis, "Highly flexoelectric liquid crystals" was carried out at CMMPE under the supervision of Prof. Harry Coles. After submitting in September 2010, and graduating in May 2011, Flynn now continues his excellent research as a postdoc within the group.



Harry Coles invited to give plenary lecture at SPIE Optics & Photonics

Harry has been invited to be the plenary speaker at the Organic Photonics & Electronics symposium, at this year's SPIE Optics & Photonics conference. The lecture is on Wed 15 August 2012, at the San Diego Convention Centre, and will be titled, "Coherent and Random Liquid Crystal Lasers".



Harry Coles asked to give Invited Address at SID International Symposium

The SID '12 Technical Program Committee has invited Harry to give the Invited Address to the 2012 International Symposium in Boston, to be held between June 3-8, 2012. His lecture will be titled, "Ultrafast High Optical Contrast Flexoelectric Displays for Video Frame Rates".



Philip Hands and Harry Coles interviewed by "The Naked Scientists" for live BBC Radio

The award-winning BBC radio show "The Naked Scientists" invited Philip Hands and Harry Coles into the studio to take part in their focus show on lasers. They were interviewed about recent research developments by the team on the COSMOS projects. They were asked how liquid crystals can be used to make compact tuneable lasers, which the team are commercialising for applications such as portable medical diagnostics. There was also a live demonstration of liquid crystal tuneable laser technology. The show was broadcast live on 19th February, 2012, to several BBC local radio stations, including BBC Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, Northants, and is also available to download as a podcast/mp3.

The radio show webpage can be found here.
A recording of the radio show can be listened to here.
A transcript of the interview can be viewed here.

This news was also highlighted by the Department of Engineering news pages (21/03/2012)



COSMOS project ranked as "internationally leading" by EPSRC review panel

A recent review panel from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) ranked the Basic Technology (BT) grant, Coherent Optical Sources from Micromolecular Ordered Structures (COSMOS), "internationally leading", highlighting it as an exemplar of successful BT projects.

Read the EPSRC report here.



Dr. Tim Wilkinson "under the microscope"

The University of Cambridge research webpages feature a video by Tim Wilkinson, "Under the microscope", explaining how his research combining nanotechnology and liquid crystals is helping to develop new generations of 2D and 3D displays.

Watch the video here.



Dr. Tim Wilkinson appears on BBC Radio 4

A Christmas Eve broadcast on BBC Radio 4, titled "Jack and the Genetically Modified Beanstalk", featured CMMPE's very own Tim Wilkinson. The show featured academic expert guests who helped separate fantasy from reality in this famous fairy-tale.

File no longer available



Harry Coles gives series of invited lectures to Taiwan liquid crystal research community

Prof. Harry Coles was recently invited to Taiwan, where he gave a series of prestiguous invited talks (details below), including the plenary lecture to the Taiwan Liquid Crystal Society.

Ultrafast Switching Liquid Crystals for Electro-Optic Transmissive Displays and Microscopic Lasers (plenary talk)
H.J. Coles
Taiwan Liquid Crystal Society, Taichung, Taiwan, (December 16, 2011)

Liquid Crystal Photonics: New Displays and Lasers (invited talk)
H.J. Coles
Physics Department, National Son Yat-Sen University, (December 12, 2011)

Ultrafast Liquid Crystals for Electro-Optic Transmissive Displays (opening invited talk)
H.J. Coles
LC Photonics and Displays, at the International Photonics Conference 2011, Tainan, Taiwan, (December 8-10, 2011)



COSMOS Lasers presents at Meerkats & Avatars media event

CMMPE researchers, Philip Hands and Damian Gardiner, exhibited the COSMOS liquid crystal laser demonstrator today at a marketing and PR event called Meerkats and Avatars, held at the St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge. The event was attended by numerous local investers, entreprenuers and media, and marked the first public exhibition of COSMOS Lasers. It is planned that COSMOS Lasers will soon become a spin-out company, based upon the EPSRC-funded COSMOS and COSMOS TT research projects being undertaken at CMMPE.

Click here for details of the Meerkats and Avatars event and exhibitors.
Click here for a live YouTube video interview by Cabume.
Clisk here for a video of the COSMOS tuneable LC laser demonstrator.



Dr. Stephen Morris awarded Royal Society University Research Fellowship

Steve has been awarded a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship, to conduct research on random laser sources. His funding is for 5 years in the first instance.


Dr Oliver Henrich gives invited CMMPE seminar

CMMPE welcomed Oliver Henrich (University College London), who gave a seminar entitled "Amorphous Networks and Rheological Response of Blue Phases in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals".



Prof Gary Gibbons FRS gives invited CMMPE seminar

CMMPE welcomed Gary Gibbons (Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge), who gave a seminar entitled "Liquid crystals and general relativity".



Harry Coles’ paper at the 2010 MRS Fall meeting highlighted as "notable paper"

The July 2011 edition (Vol.36) of the MRS Bulletin highlighted notable papers at the MRS Fall Meeting. On page 4 (symposium L), it highlights CMMPE research, presented by Harry as a "notable paper" of interest. The paper describes an overview of the recent liquid crystal research undertaken within the group, including high efficiency lasers, and fast-switching displays.

Ultrafast switching liquid crystals for electro-optic transmissive and reflective displays and microscopic lasers
H.J. Coles, S.M. Morris, F. Castles, P.J.W. Hands, T.D. Wilkinson, S.S. Choi
Liquid Crystal Materials – Beyond Displays, Proc. MRS, 1293, p.1-12, (2011)


Ranjith Rajesekharan wins NanoDTC Associate Student Grant

Ranjith Rajasekharan has won a competitive NanoDTC Associate Student Grant for the purposes of promoting cross-disciplinary research within the central themes of self-assembling functional nano-materials and nano-devices. He was also appointed as a NanoDTC Associate of the Nano Science & Technology Doctoral Training Centre, Cambridge.


Katie Atkinson wins "Best Oral Presentation" award at Merck CASE Conference

Katie Atkinson attended the Merck CASE Conference, held in Southampton earlier this month, where she presented her results from her PhD studies so far to her industrial sponsors. The title of her talk was "Structure-property correlations in bimesogenic liquid crystals for the flexoelectro-optic effect". Congratulations to Katie, who, in reward of her excellent work, was awarded the prize for the best first year oral presentation.



Haider Butt wins Best Paper Award at SIECPC

Whilst attending the Saudi International Electronics, Communications and Photonics Conference (SIECPC) in Riyadh (April 23-26, 2011), Haider Butt was awarded with a trophy for the best paper at the conference. His work titled "Optical waveguides and switches based on periodic arrays of carbon nanotubes" stood out as having the highest overall ranking and also the best paper in the Photonics track. Many congratulations to him.



CMMPE publication "led the revival in Blue Phase research"

The Condensed Matter Journal Club highlight CMMPE's 2005 Nature paper as having "led the revival in Blue Phase research."

Journal club page
Journal club commentary

Liquid Crystal 'Blue Phases' with a Wide Temperature Range
Coles H.J. and Pivnenko M.N., Nature 436, 997-1000, (2005)



Steve Morris interviewed by Nature

In recognition of his academic success and receipt of the BLCS Young Scientist of the Year award 2010, Steve Morris was recently interviewed about his career in an article by Nature magazine. The article is part of their Nature Jobs supplement, and features in Nature 467, p.239, (2010).

The Cambridge University Engineering Department have also highlighted the story on their front page.



CMMPE paper highlighted by the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics

A recent CMMPE publication has been highlighted by the Journal Club for Condensed Matter Physics. The organisation publishes a monthly selection of "interesting papers in condensed matter physics by distinguished corrsepondents", and discusses their findings in a public forum.

To read the journal club's comments, click here. For a copy of the original paper, click below:

Thermodynamically stable blue phases
F. Castles, S. M. Morris, E. M. Terentjev, H. J. Coles
Physical Review Letters, 104, 157801, (2010)
[PDF: copyright (2010) American Physical Society]



Tim Wilkinson becomes an editor of Applied Optics

Tim Wilkinson has recently been asked to become a topical editor for the OSA journal, Applied Optics. His area of editorial specialism covers displays, liquid crystals and reconfigurable photonic materials.



Prof. Harry Coles visits LG Displays, Korea

Prof Harry Coles was invited to visit LG Displays in Paju, Korea, after giving an invited talk at IMID.

Harry is pictured with his Korean colleagues, standing in front of the world's largest single chip LCD panel working in IPS mode, made by LGD.



Dr. Tim Wilkinson wins ILCS Mid Career Research Excellence Award 2010

The International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS) has awarded CMMPE's Tim Wilkinson with a Mid Career Research Excellence Award. The award, sponsored by LG, is in particular recognition of his contributions to the field of LCOS devices for microdisplays and holography. He was presented with his certificate and prize at the 23rd International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC), held in July 2010 in Kracow, Poland.



Dr. Steven Morris wins BLCS Young Scientist Award 2010

The British Liquid Crystal Society (BLCS) has awarded CMMPE's Steven Morris with the distinguished Young Scientist Award for 2010. The award was presented to him at the BLCS Annual Meeting, held in March at the University of Hull.



IET honours CMMPE students, Haider Butt and Joel Carpenter

Haider Butt wins an IET Postgraduate Scholarship, the Scholarships Committee has recommended that he receive the IET Postgraduate Scholarship of £2,500.

Joel Carpenter wins an IET Postgraduate Scholarship, the Scholarships Committee has recommended that he receive the Hudswell International Research Scholarship of £5,000.

Haider and Joel are both studying at CMMPE for a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Tim Wilkinson.



CMMPE researchers win CamBridgeSens Network Grant

A grant of £15,000 has been awarded to CMMPE researchers for their recent proposal for funds to the CamBridgeSens network. The proposal was led by PhD student Ranjith R, and concerns the development of a flat nano 3D vision sensor. He is supported also by his supervisor, Timothy Wilkinson, along with fellow CMMPE members Philip Hands, Christoph Bay, Jon Freeman, Qing Dai, and also Hai Duong from the Department of Materials Science.



EPSRC awards COSMOS Technology Translation Grant

EPSRC recently announced the award of funds to a Cambridge team led by Prof. Harry Coles, for a two-year Technology Translation project, starting December 2010. The grant aims to build upon the excellent research carried out during the COSMOS Basic Technology Grant, which comes to an end in November 2010. Collaborative investiagtors on the grant include Dr. Tim Willkinson (also CMMPE), Prof. Sir Richard Friend (Cavendish Lab) and Professor Ian White (Dept. of Engineering).



New paper describes theory of stable Blue Phases

Researchers at CMMPE have proposed a theory of liquid crystal Blue Phases, stable over an unusually large temperature range. The paper, published this week in Physical Review Letters, provides a theoretical understanding of previous discoveries (featured in a letter to Nature by CMMPE authors in 2005), and suggests how further stability may be achieved through "molecular engineering".

Thermodynamically stable blue phases
F. Castles, S. M. Morris, E. M. Terentjev, H. J. Coles
Physical Review Letters, 104, 157801, (2010)
[PDF: copyright (2010) American Physical Society]



Newly published paper features on front cover of Applied Optics

A recent CMMPE publication by Rick Chen and Tim Wilkinson has been selected as the front cover art for the latest edition of the journal Applied Optics. The cover art features images from a point-based computer generated hologram algorithm, which uses a Gaussian interpolation kernel to create a continuous surface representation from discrete input points. The kernel width controls the final appearance of the reconstructed three-dimensional image as shown. For more details, the full paper can be viewed here:

Computer generated hologram from point cloud using graphics processor
R.H.-Y. Chen, T.D. Wilkinson
Applied Optics, 48 (36), 6841-6850, (2009)



Newly published paper features on inside front cover of Advanced Materials

A recently accepted research article, led by Su Seok Choi, has been accepted for publication by Advanced Materials, and has also been chosen for the inside front cover art for the October 19th edition (and special Cambridge University 800th Anniversary edition) of the journal. The full article reference can be found below:

Electrically tuneable liquid crystal photonic bandgaps
S.S. Choi, S.M. Morris, W.T.S. Huck, H.J. Coles
Advanced Materials, 21 (38-39), 3915-3918, (2009)



Dr. Tim Wilkinson is promoted to Reader

Many congratulations to Tim Wilkinson who has just been promoted by the University from Senior Lecturer to Reader. We hope that he will still remember his old friends now he has been elevated to such lofty ranks(!)




Flynn Castle's paper at SID's "Display Week 2009" symposium highlighted as "notable paper"

The April 2009 edition of the SID's publication "Information Display" previews the forthcoming SID symposium, "Display Week 2009". On page 17, it highlights CMMPE research, to be presented by Flynn Castles, as a "notable paper" of interest. The paper describes some of the modelling work from his PhD (supervised by Harry Coles) on the flexoelectro-optic effect, and how it can provide a fast switching mechanism suitable for use in field-sequential, color, full-motion video displays.

Fast-Switching Flexoelectric Display Device with High Contrast
F. Castles, S.M. Morris, H.J. Coles
SID Symposium Digest, 39.2 (2009)



CMMPE bistable displays research highlighted on SPIE newsroom pages

The SPIE Newsroom pages (23rd April, 2009) feature an article highlighting recent CMMPE research. The research, carried out by Dr. Damian Gardiner, Dr. Stephen Morris and Prof. Harry Coles, demonstrates how novel smectic-A materials can be used for low power consumption, high efficiency, multi-stable smart windows/glazing. The news report is in response to a recent publication on the same subject, published in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells.

Bistable liquid-crystals reduce power consumption for high-efficiency smart glazing, SPIE Newsroom, 23/04/09.

High-efficiency multistable switchable glazing using smectic A liquid crystals
D.J. Gardiner, S.M. Morris, H.J. Coles
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 93 (3), 310-306, (2009)



CMMPE LC lasers research highlighted in Nature Photonics & Dept. of Engineering website

The April 2009 edition of Nature Photonics features an "out of the lab" news article focussing upon liquid crystal lasers research. It highlights CMPPE's research on simultaneous red, green & blue polychromatic liquid crystal laser arrays, and represents the 2nd occasion that Nature Photonics has highlighted CMMPE's LC lasers research. Furthermore, the Cambridge University Engineering Department's website front-page currently features a news article highlighting the same research. These news articles are in addition to the recent article in Laser Focus World (see CMMPE news item 09/01/09), which also highlights the same work.

A new twist to tuning lasers, Nature Photonics (April 2009), Volume 3 No 4 pp177-236
Flowing crystals glow, Nature Photonics (October 2008), Volume 2 No 10 pp581-638
Liquid-crystal laser promises low-fabrication-cost display, Laser Focus World (January 2009)

Polychromatic liquid crystal laser arrays towards display applications
S.M. Morris, P.J.W. Hands, S. Findeisen-Tandel, R.H. Cole, T.D. Wilkinson, H.J. Coles
Optics Express, 16 (23), 18827-18837, (2008)

This research is part of the COSMOS project; an EPSRC-funded basic technology grant.



Damian Gardiner wins British Liquid Crystal Society poster prize at annual meeting

Several CMMPE group members recently attended the annual meeting of the British Liquid Crystal Society (BLCS), held at HP Labs in Bristol (6-8 April, 2009). Congratulations to Damian, who surprised and defied his critics when he was awarded a prize for the best overall poster, with his presentation on hybrid electroluminescent / PDLC displays. To view all the posters presented by CMMPE members, please see the CMMPE conference publications page.



Ranjith Rajasekharran Unnithan wins CamBridgeSens innovation competition award

Congratulations to CMMPE PhD student, Ranjith R., who is an award winner in the CamBridgeSens Innovation Competition. His joint research proposal with three other Engineering students titled "A Road to Chemical Nano-Diodes (CNDs) and Biochemical Nano-Photo Diodes (BNPDs)" has won him and his co-authors funding for future research.


Tim Wilkinson's hybrid LC nanotube research highlighted in several magazines and news articles

A hybrid technology combining liquid crystal over silicon (LCOS) and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) being developed at CMMPE by Tim Wilkinson, has recently been highlighted in the news by EuroPhotonics Magazine, Advanced Imaging Magazine (co-written with Rik Chen) and Business Weekly. The story has also been published as a front-page leading article on the Cambridge University Engineering Department webpages, and has even been published in the Cambridge Evening News. The articles can be viewed here:

The future is 3D liquid crystals, EuroPhotonics (August 2008).
Building the perfect 3D hologram, Advanced Imaging Magazine (January 2009).
3D TV plugs into Star Wars legacy, Business Weekly (January 2009).
Get ready for 3D TV revolution, Cambridge Evening News (13 February, 2009)

More information on CMMPE's research into holography and hybrid LC carbon nanotube devices can be found here. The original publication in Advanced Materials upon which the articles are based can also be found below:

Sparse multiwall carbon nanotube electrode arrays for liquid-crystal photonic devices
T.D. Wilkinson, X. Wang, K.B.K. Teo, W.I. Milne
Advanced Materials, 20(2), 363-366, (2008)



CMMPE liquid crystal lasers research highlighted in Laser Focus World

In their January 2009 edition, the international scientific magazine, Laser Focus World, published an article highlighting recent research carried out by members of CMMPE on polychromatic liquid crystal laser arrays. It details how this technology shows promise for use in developing low-cost, high-performance laser displays. Click here for the Laser focus World article. Alternatively, the original publication in Optics Express (October 2008) is detailed below:

Polychromatic liquid crystal laser arrays towards display applications
S.M. Morris, P.J.W. Hands, S. Findeisen-Tandel, R.H. Cole, T.D. Wilkinson, H.J. Coles
Optics Express, 16 (23), 18827-18837, (2008)



Cambridge Engineering Dept. rated best engineering research in the UK by RAE 2008

The results to the 2008 national Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) have been announced, and place Cambridge University Engineering Department as the highest performing General Engineering department in the UK. 90% of its research is stated to be either "internationally excellent" or "world-leading", and far surpasses its nearest rivals. For the full story, see here. Or to see the RAE results directly, see here.



Dr. Philip Hands awarded College Research Associate position

Congratulations to Dr. Philip Hands, who from 1st January 2009 has been awarded a College Research Associate (CRA) position for 3 years at Jesus College.



CMMPE research at LC2CAM conference highlighted by Nature Photonics

The latest edition of Nature Photonics (Oct. 2008, Vol.2, Iss.10) features a "News and Views" article, which summarises the recent LC2CAM conference (Boulder, USA, August 2008); an international workshop on "Light-Controlled Liquid Crystalline Complex Adaptive Materials". The article highlights CMMPE work that was presented by Harry Coles and Philip Hands at this meeting. Click above to download a pdf of the article.



CMMPE presents its research to International Visiting Committee

An international visiting committe comprising of leading scientists and prestigious representatives from funding bodies and investors visited the Engineering Department today. They attended oral and poster presentations from the division, including presentations and demonstrations by CMMPE group members. Click below to download copies of these posters:

Poster 1 (CMMPE overview)
Poster 2 (Photonic Materials Research),
Poster 3 (COSMOS overview)
Poster 4 (Polychromatic LC Laser Arrays) (coming soon)



Dr. Tim Wilkinson wins Pilkington Prize for teaching excellence!

The Pilkington Prizes are awarded each year by the University of Cambirdge to academic or academic-related staff who have distinguished themselves in teaching. Congratulations to Tim for winning this award, who "has a natural gift for teaching and delivers his courses with clarity and with humour." Click above link for full story.


COSMOS Research Showcase Event

The COSMOS Research Showcase Event took place today. It was widely attended by academics, insdustrial representatives and the EPSRC, and has received generous positive feedback. Congratulations and thank you to all CMMPE members for their efforts in helping to make this event such a sucess.


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