Research at CMMPEDevices & applications — Hybrid LC carbon nanotube devices (videos)



Supplementary to a recent paper by Tim Wilkinson et al., on the subject of hybrid liquid crystal carbon nanotube devices, this page contains a collection of short videos, which serve to further illustrate the work that has been done. The paper from which these videos are referred is detailed below:

Sparse multiwall carbon nanotube electrode arrays for liquid-crystal photonic devices
T.D. Wilkinson, X. Wang, K.B.K. Teo, W.I. Milne
Advanced Materials, 20(2), 363-366, (2008)



CNT_array6_8_8V.avi (1.5MB)

CNT_switching_0_to_8.5V.avi (21.2MB)

Video1x60mag.mpg (1.2MB)

Video2x60.mpg (1.3MB)

Video_CNTx20mag.mpg (1.9MB)

Videox20_throughfocus.mpg (2.4MB)


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