Internet links

The following is a list of links to external websites associated with CMMPE and commonly used by CMMPE members.

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Internal/divisional departments

Photonics Research at CUED
CUED: Division B - Electrical Engineering (internal access only)
Cambridge Enterprise

Collaboratorating research groups & companies

Optoelectronics - Dept. of Physics (Cavendish Labs), Cambridge
Biological and Soft Systems - Dept. of Physics, Cambridge
Melville Lab - Dept. of Chemistry, Cambridge
Centre for Photonic Systems - Dept. of Engineering, Cambridge
Nanoscience Centre - Cambridge
NanoPhotonics - Dept. of Physics (Cavendish Labs), Cambridge

Photonics Doctoral Traning Centre (Photonics-DTC)
Nanoscience & Technology Doctoral Training Centre (Nano-DTC)



Useful internal University links

Hermes Webmail
CMMPE equipment booking - Google Calendar
Dept. of Engineering Stores
University Finance System
Cambridge University Reporter

CMMPE chemical database (04/09/2008)
CMMPE downloadable logos and presentation templates

Academic resources and search engines

Resolve a DOI

CMMPE's introduction to liquid crystals
CMMPE's list of commonly used journals
Olympus microscopy resource centre

Cambridge University Library: e-journals
Search Cambridge University Libraries
Web of Knowledge (Science)
Optipedia (Optics search engine, from SPIE)
Engineering Village (academic search engine)
Scirus (scientific search engine)
Espacenet (European Patent Office)
FreePatentsOnline (Patent searching)

Associated academic societies

International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS)
British Liquid Crystal Society (BLCS)
Society for Information Display (SID)
Optical Society of America (OSA)
Institute of Physics (IoP)
Royal Society (RSc)
Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE)
Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)