Facilities at CMMPE

CMMPE's research activities are diverse and cross the traditional boundaries between chemistry, physics and engineering. We therefore require a comprehensive suite of laboratories that reflect our interdisciplinary approach. CMMPE's facilities include dedicated laboratories for chemical synthesis, device fabrication, materials and device characterisation, as well as the development of end-product applications. In addition, through our industrial and academic collaborations, the group can also draw upon a yet greater array of practical expertise and facilities. Our in-house facilities include:


Modern building and offices

Find out more about one of the newest buildings at the University of Cambridge.

Chemical synthesis laboratories

Our dedicated and well equipped chemistry laboratory, for the synthesis of organic liquid crystalline and polymer compounds.

Device fabrication facilities

Our extensive fabrication facilities, including the department's three clean rooms, which we use to fabricate the next generation of electro-optical devices.

Characterisation and laser laboratories

Laser laboratories, microscopy laboratories and other optical and electrical testing equipment. These are used to characterise our new materials and devices, to observe new physical phenomena and to construct prototype optical applications.