Dr. Hsi-Hsir Chou


Hsi-Hsir was born in Taiwan. He received his PhD degree in Photonics Engineering from Cambridge University, U.K. in 2008, for his contributions to Free-Space Multi-wavelength Optical Switching Technologies. Sponsored by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Korea, he collaborated with the Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University, U.K. to develop key enabling technologies for visible light communications. He was appointed as a research assistant professor at Communication Research Center, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan in 2009. He served as a visiting researcher supported and hosted by UMR/CNRS, France in 2012 before joining the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan as an assistant professor in 2013. His current research interests are still in the development of photonics switching technologies for optical communications. Dr. Chou is a lifetime member of Trinity College, Cambridge, a senior member of the IEEE and a Fellow of the Cambridge Overseas Society.