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Dr Richard Prager & Dr Andrew Gee

In 1992, engineers from the Department happened to discuss a recently published paper on 3D ultrasound with a radiologist from Addenbrookes' Hospital. They decided that they could build a much better system than that described in the paper, and the Cambridge 3D ultrasound research group was born. The group is led by Dr Richard Prager and Dr Andrew Gee at Engineering, and Dr Lol Berman from Radiology.

"Cambridge is a wonderful place to do biomedical research because of the ease with which we can collaborate with the Hospital", says Andrew Gee. "This means that Richard and I can spend our time building novel 3D ultrasound systems which we enjoy, rather than doing tedious administration.''

Andrew Gee

Both Andrew and Richard went through the Cambridge Engineering course. Although they are now principally software designers, many aspects of the research have drawn on the breadth that the course gave them.

Richard Prager "We could never have produced our world-beating 3D ultrasound calibration system without the mechanics and design skills we learnt here as undergraduates", comments Richard Prager.

When not working, Andrew enjoys running and Spanish food. Richard listens to opera, and Lol, who works at Addenbrookes, cycles and plays violin folk music.