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Professor Norman Fleck

Norman Fleck comes from Northern Ireland, and studied for a degree in Engineering at Cambridge. He became a Professor in 1997.

Norman Fleck"I discovered simple harmonic motion at an early age by oscillating my mum's silver teapot on a long elastic string, while standing on the dining room table. This was also my first study on plastic deformation and fracture mechanics. She was not pleased, but I was encouraged by such early successes."

Norman's father was a scientist, so he grew up with the notion of a career in science, but was attracted to engineering as he knew it involved building and making things. At the age of eight he had already decided he wanted to be either a Professor of Engineering or the Managing Director of a company. It's nice to hear of people who fulfil their ambitions. He regards his research in Materials as a nice blend between science and engineering. He has now moved away from experimental research into a more theoretical approach to Materials Design.

Now married with two children, Norman enjoys family life as well as wine tasting, exercising and skiing (when he can). "My work is really exciting, as I love discovering new things. The students can be very stimulating too, so I enjoy teaching them."