The TEP Package

Software Selection Tool - Manufacturing Processes

There are over 30 processes included in the software, grouped into 6 main classes, which provide a wealth of information.



Materials & shapes

Economic Issues

The information for individual processes is split into 5 sections:

In addition, there is an overview of each the processing classes which includes information on materials compatiblity.

Processes included:

Metal shaping: Sand casting, Die casting, Lost wax casting, Powder metal forming, Forging, Sheet forming, Metal extrusion, Rolling

Polymer shaping: Polymer extrusion, Compression moulding, Injection moulding, Rotational moulding, Blow moulding, Vacuum moulding

Ceramic shaping: Sintering and HIPing, Glass forming

Composite shaping: Composite forming

Machining: Milling, Turning, Drilling, Grinding/Polishing, Mechanical cutting

Joining: Mechanical fastening, Arc welding, Friction welding, Soldering and brazing, Adhesive bonding

Other processes: (these are not dealt with in as much detail as the 6 main classes).