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Broadcast 30/11/1999, Story 12

The british parliament today approved a measure transferring power to the problems of northern ireland will restore home rule for the first time in twenty five years yesterday northern ireland's political parties took a major step towards implementing an agreement they signed on good friday last year created a twelve member cabinet the cabinet room equal numbers of protestants and catholics from belfast n. p. r.'s julie mccarthy reports

The last time they gathered at the stormont assembly attempt to name a power sharing cabinet devolve into chaos not so yesterday the supporters of the good friday peace formula but firmly control the debate and for the most part the atmosphere which aside from the occasional outbursts with more noteworthy for its lack of acrimony that politics in this once violent a little provinces graduated from the streets to the formal hold the government was best illustrated when the moment came persian same

The political arm of the irish republican army to nominate

It's two cabinet representatives gerry adams rose to offer the first nomination alternately speaking english and irish

I mean martin mcguinness martian organisms more flavor of this uh you know martin mcguinness has a different view of the world will mr. martin mcguinness confirmed that he is willing to pay it all off or dark or not i have only one quarter of that

That is a nomination through grumblings from some unionists factions as much for his party's desire to unify with the catholic republic of ireland as for his links to the i. r. a. whose slow process of disarming is blamed for delays in implementing the peace a leading negotiator in the peace process big

This is also been portrayed in centuries of the i. r. a. as a former commander of a guerilla movement it is not something maginnis talks about openly he chose instead to speak of his credentials as a new education minister he said he'd quit school at the age of fifteen but had been through the political education of a lifetime and he acknowledged apprehensions some have about his appointment

That misstates they they haven't got enough community and the course of the last eight or nine years of very serious process of conflict resolution are hoping that the word has gone through similar types of processes such as antarctica so it is not unusual for someone like me to indulge in charge of such an important department

He sought to quiet fears detail in his commitment

Those people i think can be content to have all of my efforts in the course of the years has been opposed to ending all of the inequality discriminations injustices and culmination of a process that has an exciting challenge for all the people of ireland our job is to m. w. and on the side of the aisle and get to work and might lead to try to cope without having wage a campaign

Students in northern ireland states and its union with britain for the past thirty years the republican movement has now become part of the province's political establishment the move has heightened expectations that the use of violence to settle political differences may be drawing to an end despite the problems that remain or the slow disarming of the i. r. a. to a mccarthy n. p. r. news belfast

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