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BBC's The World Today
Broadcast 25/03/2000, Story 1

british passport holders in zimbabwe and thousands more were eligible to apply veterans of the nineteen seventies again in the war against white rule in zimbabwe had taken to occupying white owned farms in recent months and attack bombers the british union foreign minister peking in a newspaper interview in london said the at the white farmers did not come to feel that he too was no longer in zimbabwe

The northern ireland peace process faces another challenge later today when the province's largest political party the ulster unionists polls and leadership election the country to david trimble who supports the power sharing peace plan faces a challenge from a hotline activist martin smile who opposes it

Self government for northern ireland was suspended by britain last month and the unionists threatened to pull out of the power sharing executive because of the lack of progress it moves to disarm the i. r. a.'s paramilitary forces

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