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BBC's The World Today
Broadcast 17/03/2000, Story 1

its rhetoric can show them all patients if i was a warning by the chinese prime minister of possible military action against taiwan if they just use a pro independence candidates in the fall on saturday

President clinton is due to hold talks with the political leaders of northern ireland today in a bid to reinvigorate the stalled peace process speaking on the eve of the talks in washington mr. clinton had to the politicians not to miss what he called the chance of a lifetime to create a lasting peace mr. clinton is trying to help restart the peace process after britain last month suspended northern ireland's general institutions and the lack of progress on disarmament by the i. r. a.

An international conference which aims to draw attention to the world's growing crisis over access to safe water is opening later today in the haight the world water forum points to the increasing scarcity of water to contamination and the growing tomatoes from high population levels and intensive irrigation which

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