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Broadcast 07/01/2000, Story 2

Angry cuban exiles are expected to continue their protest in miami today dozens of demonstrations yesterday were in response to a u. s. decision that a six year old boy be returned to his father in cuba double a. a. leon gonzalez has been living with relatives in

I am a since thanksgiving day when he was rescued at sea his mother drowned while fleeing cuba with him n. p. r.'s debbie elliott reports from miami throughout the city groups of protesters took to the streets they waved flags and carried signs calling for freedom for any on his side

We're not to blame little havana neighborhood more than a hundred people marched down alioto during evening rush hour backing up traffic for blocks

Forty one year old gloria martinez carry the war in the united states flag emblazoned small black and white sign that message got that interference from what we know about men in black quote al martinez a hospital for predicted the miami demonstrations withdrawal plans to return having on cuba move forward they're gonna be more more more

We got uh not about forty percent of the companies that i didn't point it out by reducing fuel and they're not ready in time for the united states not why i'm here

Martinez and other protesters say they're angry the clinton administration made a decision regarding the ploys custody without hearing from relatives in miami many of the cuban exiles here leaving leon father only seven months away fast because he's under pressure from cuban president fidel castro at times yesterday to protest escalated in little havana last night police in riot gear tried to move demonstrators from a busy intersection


Many visitors were arrested loaded into paddy last thing on miami police say they arrested more than a hundred people including two prominent cuban exile leader the entrance to the port of miami was blocked several times during the day and two people involved in a protest to the airport were struck by a car loan or sixty years he decided to lay a twenty four year old juan morales was stranded for nearly an hour in little havana junior

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And i believe and i don't bother to come here to live with this boy but he doesn't think mass demonstration of how to change that

I began to write out a quarter of the nineteen eighty one to ten thirty at night a definite there of anybody that benefit their findings at the state department following year when i get in touch with us and we're gonna come back in and who's gonna go back to manhattan is not a world citizen

But cuban exile groups are calling for the process and traffic slowdown to continue until the courts decide who should have custody of having um can stop debbie elliott n. p. r. news

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