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NPR's Morning Edition
Broadcast 26/04/2000, Story 5

This is n. p. r.'s morning edition i'm bob edwards

And the on going dollars could be getting some visitors from cuba today his former kindergarten teacher and a ten year old custom made travel to the united states to join him and his newest temporary halt the wye river plantation yesterday officials move daily on this family to the secluded conference center about an hour outside of washington d. c. there was also a general strike yesterday that shut down much of miami's little havana neighborhood

The strike was in protest of the raid depart daily on from the home of his miami relatives n. p. r.'s phillip davis reports

Alone does rolls down and eerily quiet street

A little bit

Early evening and normally bustling shops and restaurants are closed that's because yesterday was declared to be markets where to go for it did today in miami it was to be a massive work stoppage to protest against saturday's raid the city cuban american leaders promised would grind to a halt in miami's little havana neighborhood almost every

Shocked or was shot every window shattered

Even the big supermarket chains public's close seven of its stores and support quote and he never gave all ten employees of his medals

And being planned the day off with pay that may not come

There's anything about how much would you pay for your freedom

As night fell down the streets are quiet for another reason a massive police presence along many of the major thoroughfares police closed off entire streets and disperse crowds and he knows daughter these that was taken the day off from high school was wearing a pair of symbolic handcuffs

I am not know how and why and when that iraq cannot understand why the public dialogue i think that that's not the only victim of being intimidated and a lot that we don't want to let them cool because the province

A few blocks away at the house of last year old twins alison the high and the millions of dollars hurricane for the past five months only a few people milled about the media tends in constant protesters were gone protester jose manuel antonio been appalled to the few bystanders

Even without a doubt in my mind c. n. n. n. atlanta will be somewhat naive and reagan who was handling the glove that was outlined i'm looking at it and then you'd probably want and deserve a statement a while little havana

Alta to focus on l. a. on and the strike much of the rest of the city and county continued on with scant interruption the airport had no delays and tourists clog the beaches downtown though some shops were closed

Many restaurants and stores are open as usual its tactic to tell electronic said there was a simple reason he and his co workers were at the store for a while

We've got to go on with that

The miami heat basketball team in baseball's florida marlins both expressed their sympathy with how cuban americans were feeling and then played ball several marlins however including starting third baseman michael will send out their game against the san francisco giants in protest the marlins lost six to four phillip davis n. p. r. news miami

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