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NPR's Weekend Edition (Sunday)
Broadcast 30/04/2000, Story 4

The streets of miami's little havana neighborhood work peacefully clogged with tens of thousands of cuban americans yesterday they were protesting against the forced removal of john kelly on gonzales from his relatives home last weekend to leon is now with his father in a secluded retreat on maryland's eastern shore

Yesterday's demonstrators in miami continue to hold and to pray that a miracle might restore the boy back into their midst as well as deal a blow to communist cuba from little havana n. p. r.'s phillip davis filed this report


The national anthem echoed off walls it's not going to tell what the street or hyatt hotel better known here as thousands of cuban americans young and old some waving american flags anymore waving cuban flags marched into a warm florida nine thirty seven year old dickinson yes it's but the general feeling among those marches

The march began about three o'clock in the afternoon it was over about two and a half hours later one of the speakers armando hernandez a local activists said the community wanted just to obtain justice rally on the big narrated by iraq

Women who don't want to be with you

Real politicians on t. v. there were the miami relatives of millions of dollars for them

I'm not sure what it does in many places in fact most of the speakers were

Little pre teens across the great northern beans and over during the trial will very very hard to see why any city mayor joe carollo you

Well that the crowd was peaceful noting that police did not make a single arrest in sharp contrast to the hundreds of people jailed last saturday when protests following the federal raid grew violent grail said he was


By the turn out

I've had the largest gathering ever in the city of miami the lives of these montgomery ward you have seen people gathered to try to break it might decide whether to admit that we haven't been riots or not it would have been bribed were deliberately divided

God bless america but divisions in the city continued to be evident many people feel the cuban community has flouted american laws and few non cuban americans support a defense like a general strike called for last tuesday that shut many shops so in suburban miami dozens of people organized a protest in support of the u. s. government

Because local photo t. v. feed them you don't need to be helped organize exactly what he was going to propose we were there to the right in this neighborhood and a man and we did not reach a guatemalan u. s. want to broadcast this weekend and one thing led to another onslaught

Back at the rally in little havana most cuban americans admitted to a certain amount of resignation that the battle for and leon it's not lost required almost a miracle to win at the estrada said she would pray for a leon i can't think

Where were battling against the administration will you tell me you know i really can't know we can resolve the still year and i'm still here you know

And of course the federal court supported entirely on what they hear and so they were one knows what's on his mind you know that they should be allowed to apply for political asylum court hearing is set for a lot of the cuban american community and continue cooking and heating bills and phillip davis n. p. r. news miami

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