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Broadcast 27/04/2000, Story 12

It's n. p. r.'s all things considered i'm noah adams and i'm robert siegel any i'm going dollars is getting more visitors for it to school mates and their parents flew to the united states today meanwhile the miami relatives left washington last night and went home after failing to meet with a six year old n. p. r.'s david welna reports that in miami the cuban american community is trying to sort out the struggle over any on cuban americans will tell you that if the showdown over him

And did nothing else for their community he at least brought them together like nothing else has for years and that didn't seem to be the case looking at the eclectic mixture of cuban americans could show up to stand vigil in the blue collar neighborhood of slots are open


Investors sector alvarez stop by around midnight on saturday with a group of well heeled friends like himself were born in miami or left cuba as instance he said he and his friends have at long last been galvanized by the struggle over a leon

I've been here forty years forty years forty years forty years and we haven't done nothing wrong the last ten fifteen years we've become complacent but guess what now some of his mark on them and stowed away his created a reaction on our part that we're going to deal with things more frightening than seventy sitting here in atlanta

Alvarez and his friends belong to a second generation of cuban americans who say they've been encouraged by their immigrant parents to pursue the american dream rather than

For a more democratic cuba thirty two year old bill paxon's mother fled cuba put on a monthly magazine called generation any aimed at younger cuban americans like himself he says dearly and saga has been a wake up call for a generation that for years to find itself as cuban culturally

No not politically i think that's absolutely shown us just look for a job we've done of explaining to our own country the united states of america just what exactly is the problem in cuba maybe america when we care in my opinion china is a country that we all know as shameful human rights abuses and we still do tremendous business with china so maybe people wouldn't care but but i think at least they can be informed about it

Some cuban americans say the rest of the country may have learned something important about cuba to me um story alone

The story of a boy whose mother

I tried to get him out of cuba but other exiles argue that hard liners in miami played into fidel castro's hands by insisting that a leon not be returned to his father sociologist marife a lead to a stabbing of florida international university says too often cuban americans reflexively adapt positions despite

Castro even if they ultimately hurt their cause if the cuban american community with

Capable of reacting to events on their own merits or rather than as they become fond of the opposite response to whatever the cuban government says i think that we would be making contraceptives are made in cuba a democratic country

The cuban americans the best of the nation's top throughout the area on site in miami where usually the demonstrators outside the home where he was staying but documentary filmmaker joke or don't and says that in fact opinions about what daley and state should be you were not nearly so unanimous among miami's large cuban american population

You're talking about a community that six hundred thousand strong and in this county crime in the city and if you look at the numbers of the people who were on either out protesting on saturday afternoon or have been through are in front of the palace home throughout the last few months it's an incredible minority's of small group of people

Peres donna says it is true that most cuban americans were upset about how indiana was taken from little havana last saturday but he says when it comes to larger issues such as whether to maintain the u. s. trade embargo against cuba there are significant differences such divisions scale though when compared to the rest

It's green miami's often klan is

Even americans

And the rest of the city chardonnay and others believe that gulf wide and during daily on fact it was almost exclusively cuban americans who heeded calls for a work stoppage on tuesday to protest a leon's removal a town meeting called building bridges was televised last night in miami and though it came to bring the city closer together the discussion often became fractious a reminder of how divided miami remains after a leon david welna n. p. r. news

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