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Broadcast 03/01/2000, Story 10

It's n. p. r.'s all things considered i'm noah adams and i'm linda wertheimer u. s. immigration officials have sent more than four hundred would be immigrants in haiti back home

The coast guard intercepted their ship off the florida coast early saturday and told them they could not enter the united states patients were transferred to coast guard ships and deported early today they're forced return has sparked protests over the u. s. policy of repatriating refugees intercepted at sea without a hearing n. p. r.'s debbie elliott reports from miami

Two coast guard cutters loaded with four hundred and seven migrants headed back to haiti early today despite protests from miami's haitian american community and what about the rights of the automobile

I don't have to say it's not fair to return democracy where they can't seem to explain why they fled their country on a nasty and president of the haitian women of miami and a member of the haitian american grassroots coalition whole country the deepening union

Throughout the world to fight for human rights to treat refugees according to mutual respect

He's outrageous it is unspeakable it even less

And he might just after midnight on new year's eve a rickety wooden boat crammed with four hundred and eleven migrants ran aground about a mile from shore near miami's key biscayne most of the people on board were from haiti some more from the dominican republic into where chinese for haitian women were brought ashore for medical treatment and did not return with the others today because they made it to shore those women will be eligible for an immigration hearing here

That doesn't begin to dictate are not according to immigration and naturalization service spokesman russ bergeron under u. s. law any individual who is physically in the united states has a right to request asylum in the united states and have a hearing before an immigration judge individuals who are not physically in the united states do not have the same right

Immigration advocates are calling one u. s. attorney general janet reno to end the so called flat fee pricing policy while and fast and says all refugees deserve the same protection whether they're on land or in water this land was built by refugees and we believe this country supposed to believe

In in people's right to find a c. d. in people's right to quote pay them and the policies conjures the site

The policy you need not fear that ten accuses the i. n. s. of treating a patient differently that has cuban boat people were intercepted at sea

She points to an incident last june twenty six cubans were freed in miami after thousands of protesters blocked the highway the coast guard had used fire hoses and pepper spray to keep the senate from swimming to shore but i. n. s. spokesman russ bergeron says there is no double standard but the united states interdiction individuals who were illegal migrants on the high seas

No matter what their nationality maybe the cuban nation chinese restaurant says i. n. s. officials are aboard the coast guard cutters that are returning to haiti and will conduct interviews to determine if anyone aboard qualifies for political asylum

Debbie elliott n. p. r. news miami

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