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Broadcast 06/01/2000, Story 10

This is n. p. r.'s all things considered i'm robert siegal and i'm noah adams today in miami cuban exiles states the second day of protests are demonstrating against the u. s. decision to cuban father has the legal authority to speak for his six year old son in a custody case

I'm liane gonzales will be returned to his father in cuba the boys relatives in miami say he should be allowed to stay in this country the dispute over the boys future has been building since he was rescued off the coast of florida on thanksgiving day his mother drowned trying to make the crossing from cuba to the u. s. by boat n. p. r.'s debbie elliott reports from miami

What started as a peaceful rally near the federal building turned into a protest march that stretched nearly ten block

From about four hundred people broke down the very same day there was a downtown street

The morning rush traffic jams to block the entrance to the port of miami heat

She police arrested dozens of protesters and spend the afternoon trying to clear main traffic but even as downtown demonstrations cleared more protests are just another part of town and all throughout the city the cuban americans to the streets to denounce yesterday's decision by the immigration and naturalization service that the cuban father of a lien on this island has the legal authority to decide where you live

The administration seems to me that since they don't have them in those areas where they began quality debate

But by cuban exile leader ramon silos and said she joined the protest and was later arrested said the protests would continue until a leon's relatives in miami had a chance to make their case in court will ultimately the rest of the president of the murders to go where we want to say

It's not as if there's separation of the child from the father what does the family for taking into account the special circumstances about the father's position in cuba so that a family support ah nothing more than politics can determine if the mothers under duress and has the knowledge that any not become a political football

But blames cuban president fidel castro for using a boy as a trophy many of the cuban americans demonstrating here say any arms father does have a right to say what is best for the signs that they don't believe he's had a chance to freely express themselves from the communist country protester i mean i agree that said the wishes of a leon's mother had been lost in the debate

I came out from the center right of any activity in the united states and cities and the right of the mother that i believe you me and the freedom that is that is what you eat and the right of a moment i am a moment

Quote reno and other matters here are dressed in black as a sign of protest isolated traffic slowed and staged by protesters clogged streets throughout the day cuban exile leaders have urged people to drive twenty miles an hour in support of the leon's miami relatives who say they will fight to keep him here the boy's family had asked attorney general janet reno to review the i. n. s. decision but today she declined to high and never seen and i won't reverse myself

I try to be as open minded is right

But based on all the information that we have to date on the no basis for reversing lawyers for the families say they're prepared to ask a federal judge to intervene and prevent the boy from being sent back to cuba but legal experts say that strategy is unlikely to succeed because under u. s. law the rights of the surviving parent usually prevail debbie elliott n. p. r. news miami

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