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Institute for Manufacturing

Mike Gregory"Turning visions into reality" (or 'ideas into action') is how Professor Mike Gregory describes the business of manufacturing, and with the launch of the new Institute for Manufacturing, the University is aiming to help with that process. "Modern manufacturing is not just about metal bashing - though that remains important - but about developing and delivering all kinds of products from food to pharmaceuticals to software. It's the really exciting bit between a new idea and delivering new products around the world." So it is not difficult to see why Manufacturing is one of the most over-subscribed courses in the Engineering Department. The Institute has the triple aims of increasing the number of able people in manufacturing, improving the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry and enhancing its economic and public profile, the Institute provides expertise over a wide range of subjects. It is a unique industry-academic community bringing together technology, management, strategy and policy.

As well as providing a degree course in Manufacturing Engineering, the Institute also runs courses for industrialists such as the Manufacturing Leaders Programme preparing high flying engineers and managers for the most senior general management roles in their companies.

Strong industrial networks surround the Centres and Groups which research and develop new approaches to manufacturing management and technology. They include Strategy and Performance, Technology Management, International Manufacturing, Automation and Control and Production Processes. An Industry Links Unit orchestrates a wide range of industrial relationships.

With entrepreneurial activity booming in Cambridge, the Institute provides the 'next step' to creating modern global businesses. For more information, please visit the Institute for Manufacturing web site.