Dr Allan McRobie


I have now worked on a number of projects with Joan Lasenby as she uses mathematical techniques of interest to me. In the past she has taught me Clifford Algebra and I now use it to study the way flexible structures behave.' Allan still has the 'green dream' of his youth at heart, whereby his engineering skills can be used for the benefit of mankind. When he has completed his work on this bridge over the Thames, he is itching to work on the problem of flooding of the Limpopo river in Mozambique. 'It may be possible to take Joan's expertise at modern mathematical techniques of risk analysis and apply it to natural hazards, to see where the danger areas are and so help the people who live there minimise the risks they face. Joan is a busy lady - one of her hobbies is fixing radio telescopes like Jodrell Bank. She can teach me the risk analysis and I'll apply it.'