Dr David Cebon

David Cebon always liked making things when he was a child, and being good at maths and sciences, engineering was the natural choice for him. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Melbourne, before coming to Cambridge in 1981 to study for a PhD.

He enjoys his research area as it is cross-disciplinary. "I get to work on mechanical engineering (vehicle dynamics and suspension design), electrical engineering (vehicle control and electronics), civil (road damage modelling) and materials (micromechanics of road materials).

David CebonHe explains. "Cambridge is a great place to do this kind of work because there are experts in all of these fields in the department, and I can work with them all. Also the graduate students from CUED have excellent multi-disciplinary skills - so, for example, they are able to handle both the mechanical and electrical aspects of vehicle dynamics and control."

When David is not in the Department he is busy with the challenge of running his own company, Granta Design. When asked: ‘What do you enjoy most about what you do?’ he replies: "The challenge of discovering new things, the pleasure of working with bright students and outstanding colleagues and the freedom to be my own boss."

For more information on David Cebon’s research group, visit the Dynamics and Vibration Group web site.