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Communications Engineering


Rapid developments in communications technology are changing our lives and will continue to do so. While we have made good progress, research still has to be conducted to provide systems for delivery to every home, and to users on the move, alongside increasing total capacity. The discovery and use of new types of information appliance, from wearable computers to wallpaper-like displays will provide the applications which will continue to soak up bandwidth and demand new ideas from engineers and scientists.


The Laboratory for Communications Engineering (LCE) was established in the Department of Engineering following the appointment of Andy Hopper as Professor of Communications Engineering in 1997. Professor Hopper has a world wide reputation for research and exploitation of high technology via his work at the Computer Laboratory in Cambridge and through a number of successful spin-off companies. He is currently the Managing Director of AT&T Laboratories, Cambridge and a Director of four other companies.


The LCE has research interests which span from the development of novel networks using new and emerging technologies through to the applications that will run on and over communications networks of the future. Research projects are currently being conducted under the following headings which encompass a broad range of communications and applications technology:

Note: At the time that this anniversary site was developed, the LCE was part of the Engineering Department. They have since moved to the Computer Laboratory. Information, on their current work can be seen at their web site.