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Cambridge Engineering Selector

Designers involved in the development of new equipment need to make decisions over which materials and design processes to use.

  • What to choose?
  • Has anyone tried this before?
  • Did it work?

The Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) is a software package that has been produced to help answer these questions. Developed over a number of years by Mike Ashby and David Cebon, the Selector is now being marketed by their company, Granta Design. The selector makes use of an extensive database of information, and can also be linked to a company's own database for specific applications. In addition web links are provided to search other relevant sites.

Cambridge Engineering Selector"I am delighted that the Cambridge Engineering Selector is already being used in so many ways, from teaching in schools to helping designers in the top levels of industry" says David Cebon. "We have even run student projects to develop software packages for selecting plants for your garden and batteries for a variety of products from cameras to Game Boys."

Further information on the Cambridge Engineering Selector and a free demonstration disc are available from David Cebon or Granta Design.