ACDMM Example Projects

1. T.V.R. Sports Car Door

TVR sports car doorThe existing door did not satisfy new American safety requirements. Amongst other matters, an A.C.P.M.M. team was asked to improve the side impact strength without changing the overall design of the door. After a number of initial versions, one that looked promising only failed by the kinking of the pieces of chassis tube of which it was made. By stiffening these by inserting a length of wood, it far exceeded the requirements by a simple and cheap method that was within the manufacturing capabilities of the firm.

2. Child's X-ray Seat

Young children are often upset when being taken into a hospital chest X-ray department. The A.C.D.M.M. team was asked to design two items - one for children up to the age of 4 and another for up to 10 to reduce this problem. It was decided to distract the attention of the older children by providing them with a buggy that was kept in the waiting room and on which they played whilst waiting. To reach the steering wheel, the youngster had to lean forward against the plate holder. At the appropriate time, the mother wheeled the buggy into the appropriate position in the X-ray room, a snap was taken and the child driven back to the waiting room, not even knowing that anything untoward had happened! Within 4 hours of delivery, the buggy was in use. The team also designed, built and delivered a second device, based on a slide, for the younger children.