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Materials Selector

Screen display showing a typical graphical selection procedure used by the Cambridge Materials Selector.

How does an engineer select the best material for a given application from the 80,000 or so currently available? A mind-boggling question, the answer to which has now been simplified by a methodology developed by Professor Mike Ashby, FRS and Dr David Cebon. The Cambridge Materials Selector is software which can easily be interrogated to find a material with a required combination of properties, in less time than it takes to locate the appropriate place in a textbook.

Originally available through Lynxvale, the software is now being sold through a new company, called Granta Design Ltd. The software was initially produced for teaching purposes but has already been purchased by over 80 companies and institutions all over the world. A Windows version of the software with several databases of materials has just been launched.

Free demonstration copies and information are available from Dr David Cebon on (01223) 332665.

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