Turbinia (side view)

Turbinia, built in 1894 to demonstrate the capability of steam-turbine power.

Displacement: 44.5 tons Length (overall): 103 ft. 9 in.
Beam: 9 ft. Depth of hull: 7 ft.
Draught: 3 ft. Maximum speed: 34.5 knots
Powerplant: Three-stage axial-flow Parsons steam turbine driving two 12 ft. 6 in. outer shafts, each with three 18 in. diameter, 24 in. pitch propellers
Maximum Pwr: 2,000 hp.
Three-drum water-tube coal fired boiler with double ended 1,100 sq. ft. heating surface.
Working pressure: 200 lb/sq. in. (170 lb/sq. in. at the turbine)
Water req'd at 31 knots: 27,000 lb/hr.

Turbinia (top view)

Page from 'The Rolls Royce Magazine', number 48, March 1991.